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Chapter 1213: 1213
Chapter 1213 A Lucky Draw? 1 The door and windows of the central room were open . When the wind blew, pink peach blossom petals drifted inside to scatter over the floor . Little Yuanbao showed Feng Wu into the central room . He moved very carefully, as if he was worried that he might take a wrong step .

“Master, Miss Feng is here —”

When Master Linghu was around, little Yuanbao straightened his boyish face and kept his expression as solemn as possible .

Master Linghu was looking out the window with his back to Feng Wu .

Before Master Linghu said anything, little Yuanbao left the room .

The air seemed hushed, and one could almost hear the sound of the breeze .

“Master Linghu —” Feng Wu bowed .

The man turned around and met Feng Wu’s eyes .

Even someone who had seen the world like Feng Wu couldn’t help but jump a little when she saw him .

What a face!

He had deep-set features and a good-looking face . His appearance reminded one of an immortal, except that…

His face was all black and white .

The left side was as white as jade and the right side was as black as coal .

The contrast was so stark that it would frighten anyone .

Fortunately, Feng Wu was good at keeping her composure . After the initial surprise, she looked perfectly normal again . Looking calmly at the man, she said, “Master Linghu, nice to meet you . ”

However, spiritual essence stretched out from him to wrap around Feng Wu .

How terrifying!

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Feng Wu felt as though a mountain was crushing her . The next second, she had the feeling that she was going to be ground to pieces!

She stumbled, barely holding herself up . Her knees almost buckled .

Crack —

The energy was full of murderous intent .

Feng Wu was terrified . She had no idea how she had offended Master Linghu to the point that he wanted to kill her!

The murderous intent was so aggressive that Feng Xun, who had been sitting in the tea room outside the courtyard, dropped his teacup and jumped up .

Feng Xun rushed forward like a crazy person, but little Yuanbao stopped him .

He anxiously grabbed little Yuanbao . “What’s going on here? Does Master Linghu want to kill little Feng Wu?”

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Feng Xun thought that Master Linghu wanted to meet Feng Wu because he found her special in some way, and he didn’t expect the master to want to kill her as soon as he met her .

Little Yuanbao looked just as confused and shook his head . Still, he did his duty and blocked Feng Xun’s way .

“Without my master’s permission, no one is allowed inside . ”

Feng Xun was exasperated!

“What does that old man want?!” Feng Xun was so agitated that he looked like an ant on a hot pan . He couldn’t believe how unfortunate Feng Wu was . Why did she run into danger everywhere she went?

“No, I have to go to Boss Jun!”

Feng Xun knew very well that he couldn’t get into the yard without Master Linghu’s permission .

He couldn’t, but Jun Linyuan could!

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At that thought, Feng Xun stared at little Yuanbao . “Watch this man for me . I’ll go find Boss Jun!”

With a serious look on his face, little Yuanbao nodded .

Although they had just met for the first time, little Yuanbao liked Feng Wu almost immediately . He found the big sister very likeable, as if they had met in another life before this .

Feng Xun moved as fast as a streak of lightning . He ran out of Endless Peach Blossom Grove and headed for the imperial capital .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was under the greatest pressure she had ever felt!

Master Linghu was so terrifying .

But he hadn’t moved a finger yet .

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