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Chapter 1212: 1212
Chapter 1212 Master Linghu 2 Just then, the little monk used this petal as a weapon to neutralize the team leader’s strike before turning the sword into a lump of iron . Impossible! Feng Wu thought that she was seeing things .

The man gave the monk a long look and turned to leave .

However, he was only able to take a few steps before he heard the monk’s unhurried voice from behind . “Sir, I’d rather you stay . ”

The man’s stomach lurched; staying here was the last thing he wanted to do . He immediately started running!

Feng Wu watched as the little monk sighed quietly . “Well, Sir, I’m afraid that you’ll have to leave something behind . ”

After that, a small petal flew out from between the monk’s fingers .

The petal shot out at an unbelievable speed!

The man had taken the lead and was running very fast, but —

Either the monk was too capable, or the petal was too spectacular .


The petal flew toward the man and cut his right arm off!


How could a tiny petal do that?

What an amazing thing this little monk had just done!

Feng Wu was so shocked that she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, until the man started screaming .

His arm had fallen to the ground, but he didn’t dare fight back . Instead, he kept running as fast as he could .

Meanwhile, Feng Xun was coming this way, and of course, he wouldn’t let the man flee .

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Feng Xun raised a hand, easily smashing the hitman .

The little monk seemed to be quite familiar with Feng Xun, and he shook his head at the teenager . “Layman Feng, fighting is forbidden here in Endless Peach Blossom Grove…”

“Little Yuangbao, of course I won’t make things difficult for you . There . ” Feng Xun then grabbed the team leader of the assassins .

Feng Xun collided with the man, almost knocking him unconscious . Before the man could react, Feng Xun picked him up and dragged him away like an eagle handling a chicken .

The little monk looked at Feng Wu, and there was puzzlement in his bright black eyes .

“Let’s go —”

With the man in one hand, Feng Xun prompted Feng Wu to leave .

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No fighting was allowed in Endless Peach Blossom Grove, and Feng Wu was no exception .

However, to Feng Xun’s surprise, little Yuanbao made a gesture with his hands, inviting Feng Wu in . “Miss Feng, my master is waiting for you . ”

“And your master is?” Feng Wu was confused while Feng Xun was baffled .

Feng Wu didn’t know who little Yuanbao’s master was, but Feng Xun did!

“My master is known as Master Linghu . ” Little Yuanbao smiled at Feng Wu .

Master Linghu?!

Feng Xun, who was still holding the assassin, was astonished!

“Little Yuanbao, what did you say? Master Linghu wants to see her?!” Feng Xun’s eyes almost popped out!

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Feng Xun had grown up with Jun Linyuan, and Master Linghu had only agreed to see him once!

But now, Master Linghu wanted to see Feng Wu!

There was a big smile on little Yuanbao’s exquisite face . “Yes . ”

Feng Xun was rendered speechless .

He stared at Feng Wu . “Do you know Master Linghu?”

Feng Wu shrugged . “If I knew him, I wouldn’t have asked you to bring me here . ”

Feng Xun agreed with that, but he still couldn’t help feeling amazed .

Little Yuanbao led Feng Wu deep into the woods .

A burlywood house stood in the deepest corner of the yard . It was quaint and elegant, and struck one as an important place .

A figure stood inside —

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