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Chapter 1211
Chapter 1211 Master Linghu 1 The twisted space seemed to crack open . Feng Wu could sense a powerful energy over her head, to the point that she couldn’t withstand it any longer .

She was nervous and full of despair!

Just then, a flash of white light shot out of Feng Wu’s hand toward her feet .

“Hold on!” It was Little Phoenix’s voice .


Little Phoenix instantly teleported Feng Wu away .

The team leader was baffled!

His sword should have cut Feng Wu in half, but with his target disappearing without warning, the momentum sent his sword smashing into the ground!


The blast spread out, and there was a deep furrow in the ground!

It was dozens of meters deep!

The team leader was furious!

Was this Feng Wu even human? Did she have nine lives or something? Why could she get away at the most critical moment every single time?!

Seeing Feng Wu rush into the grove, the team leader gritted his teeth .

The rule of the grove was that no weapons or battles were allowed inside, but they weren’t inside yet —

Picking up speed, the man rushed into the grove after deciding that he would leave as soon as he killed Feng Wu!

After all, Master Linghu was such a terrifying name!

Turning around, Feng Wu saw the man run into the grove, and immediately knew what he was planning .

She then heard Feng Xun’s voice . “Head for the central valley! Quickly!”

But it was too late!

The man was so much more powerful than Feng Wu and was a lot faster than she was .

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In an instant, he had caught up to Feng Wu .

“You’re not going anywhere this time!” A streak of golden light appeared in his right hand, and it shot out at Feng Wu in a ferocious manner!

The golden light arched in the air before it headed for Feng Wu’s back .

Feng Xun watched this from afar and was terrified .


Who on earth had sent these men? Why did they have to kill Feng Wu at the price of their own lives?

Who was behind all this?

Feng Xun wished that he had wings to fly to Feng Wu’s side and fend off that lethal blow for her .

Because he knew that the strike would definitely kill Feng Wu!

That team leader had released all his power in that strike!

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However —

It was too late .

Feng Xun was so anxious that he was almost in tears .

Feng Wu was full of despair . She couldn’t die like this!

After finally getting her cultivation ability back and making some accomplishments, she might have an opportunity to bring her beautiful master back… There were so many things she still hadn’t done; she would never accept her death like this!

The man in black smirked maliciously .

“Where do you think you’re going?”

He was going to take off as soon as he killed Feng Wu . Staying here in the grove would only mean more trouble for him .

Someone up there seemed to have heard Feng Wu’s prayer .

The moment before the sword pierced Feng Wu’s chest —

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Clank —

There was the sound of weapons colliding .

The team leader’s sword was usually unstoppable, but now, it had turned into a lump of iron as it fell to the ground .

The thing that had destroyed it was…

Feng Wu looked down to find a pink petal, which was…

A little monk had shown up in front of Feng Wu when she wasn’t looking, and he greeted her . “Amitabha, it is a pleasure . ”

Feng Wu’s eyes widened .

The monk couldn’t be more than five or six years old . His chubby cheeks still had baby fat . He was as fair and tender as a steamed bun .

Feng Wu looked down again and saw a small petal next to the lump of iron that used to be a sword .

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