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Chapter 1201: 1201
Chapter 1201 Untitled Jun Linyuan glanced at her and frowned . “Did someone upset you?”“Who do you think?” thought Feng Wu .

Of course, Feng Wu would never say that out loud . She stared at Jun Linyuan, then bowed .

After that, Feng Wu stood back up . She turned around decisively and left, keeping her back ramrod straight .

Jun Linyuan had done her a big favor, but he had also given her a lot of trouble by carrying her back . Feng Wu felt conflicted…


Frowning, Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes and gave off a terrifying energy .

But Feng Wu didn’t stop; she kept walking . The next second, an invisible power that resembled a very long arm pulled Feng Wu back .

Before Feng Wu realized what was going on, she was already sitting on Jun Linyuan’s lap .

The position was so suggestive .

The first thing Feng Wu could think of was —

“Zuo Qingluan is the crown prince’s future wife . As for Feng Wu, she’ll be his concubine at most . ”

She didn’t like the sound of that at all .

Feng Wu tried to shove Jun Linyuan away .

However, Jun Linyuan caught her with his long, powerful arms and held her so tightly that veins popped on the back of his hands .

A storm seemed to rage in the domineering teenager’s eyes as he glared at Feng Wu .

“Speak!” He stared at her with a grim look on his face .

Biting her lower lip, Feng Wu sulked .

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“What are you mad about?” The teenager stared at her, his livid face looking rather frightening .

Outside, Feng was almost in tears .

Granny Gong was equally surprised, and she turned to Feng in bewilderment .

Why was this happening? Everything had been fine when Feng Wu came to the study .

Feng shrugged . He thought that the two teenagers had talked it through already . What was this all about?

Granny Gong wanted to go in and set things straight for them .

“Don’t —” Feng stopped her .

The crown prince was all about saving face . An outsider would only make things worse .

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Granny Gong pulled a long face . She was worried sick .

Inside —

The crown prince had a livid expression . Clutching Feng Wu’s hand, he said aggressively, “Speak!”

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu said, “I’ve thanked you for helping me with Flying Dragon and Xuanyuan Kun . What more do you want?”

Jun Linyuan’s eyes reminded one of a savage beast as he sneered . “Since when do I need you to thank me?”

Feng Wu gritted her teeth . “If you don’t, then let go of me!”

Jun Linyuan’s cold voice turned hoarse . “Tell me why you’re angry!”

Throwing off his hand, Feng Wu stared at him . “You really want to know?”

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“Fine! You asked for it! Here’s why!” Feng Wu glowered at Jun Linyuan . “Why did you carry me back?!”

Jun Linyuan frowned .

“You carried me off in front of so many people . Do you know the consequences of doing that?!

“Do you have any idea what your fervent fans will do?

“And do you know what kind of crazy things the Zuo family will try to do to me?

“And there’s the empress dowager . How do you know she won’t make me commit suicide with a glass of poisonous wine?”

“You —”

Feng Wu grew angrier as she spoke . “Why did you have to carry me off? Do you know what that stands for? You’re unbelievable!”

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