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Chapter 1200: 1200
Chapter 1200 Were You Talking About Me? It was none other than Zhen Qiu!Zhen Qiu and Zhen Xia were twins . Since Zhen Xia worked for Zuo Qingluan, so did Zhen Qiu .

And Zhen Qiu had been deliberately guiding the conversation in that direction because she saw Feng Wu walking their way . She was trying to make Feng Wu angry .

She thought she knew Feng Wu’s disposition well, and that the latter would storm off after hearing the conversation . But to her surprise —

Feng Wu took action without hesitation .

Held up by Feng Wu, Zhen Qiu couldn’t move a muscle .

“Argh, you —” Zhen Qiu looked frightened .

Holding her throat, Feng Wu stared at her with an emotionless face . “Were you talking about me?”

“Hm —”

Feng Wu had lifted Zhen Qiu off the ground, and the girl struggled in fear .

No matter how hard she struggled, Feng Wu wouldn’t let go .

Zhen Qiu’s pupils dilated and her eyes filled with fear…

Feng Wu let go of her just before the maid was about to die .


Zhen Qiu fell to the ground with a thump . She was in such pain that she was in tears .

Feng Wu darted another murderous look at Zhen Qiu before she walked away, acting as though Zhen Qiu was nothing but an ant .

Sitting on the ground, Zhen Qiu gasped for air, still looking shaken…

Feng stood quietly outside the study .

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He didn’t say a word when Feng Wu arrived, and only opened the door for her .

Feng Wu didn’t look too happy, but she was trying to control her temper .

She walked into the study to find the handsome teenager sitting at the table .

A stack of memorials were on the table, and the teenager was reading them attentively .

Warm sunlight shone in through the side window onto the side of his face .

The teenager had well-defined features, and accentuated by the light, he gave off an unapproachable feeling .

“He looks as pretty as a picture . ” Those words popped into Feng Wu’s head, and she was dazed on the spot as she forgot what she was there for .

Just then, the teenager slowly looked up at Feng Wu with his brooding eyes .

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But he went back to the memorials almost immediately as he said in an indifferent tone, “You’re awake . ”

Recalling what she heard from the maids earlier, Feng Wu bit her lower lip and snorted without saying a word .

With how arrogant the crown prince was, he sat there and waited for Feng Wu to thank him . However, when she finally arrived, she looked rather reluctant to be there .

Frowning, Jun Linyuan spoke in that indifferent tone again . “Well done, confronting Xuanyuan Kun’s soul like that . ”

There was obvious reproach in his slightly sarcastic tone .

Gritting her teeth, Feng Wu retorted inwardly: She hadn’t known that Xuanyuan Kun’s soul was in Xuanyuan Yi’s body at first .

But somehow, the indifferent glance Jun Linyuan gave her reminded Feng Wu of when she was little and her beautiful master had scolded her when he caught her slacking off .

Clenching her fists, Feng Wu didn’t speak .

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Since Feng Wu wouldn’t reply, Jun Linyuan pushed away the memorials, which fell to the floor one after another .

Feng Wu had very sharp eyes . She saw that all the memorials were about impeaching Jun Linyuan .

“Get over here!”

The teenager was breathtakingly beautiful, but his cold voice was even more striking .

Feng Wu clenched her fists .

After all, Jun Linyuan had helped her . With that thought in mind, Feng Wu walked up to Jun Linyuan .

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