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Chapter 1199: 1199
Chapter 1199 Untitled Granny Gong brought four young maids with her . They had all been carefully chosen for the task, and were very well-behaved . Some helped Feng Wu get dressed, some tended to her face, and some helped her put her shoes on… Before long, Feng Wu was tidied up and presentable .

Granny Gong herself put a belt on Feng Wu . As she did so, she said, “Miss Feng, the crown prince carried you back himself . ”

Carried her back… himself?

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

“Wh- what did you say?” Feng Wu seemed shocked .

Granny Gong smiled . “Miss Wu, do you still remember the duel at Imperial College?”

Feng Wu said, “Of course . ”

Granny Gong said sympathetically, “His Royal Highness has been in the water dungeon all this time, and flogged as self-punishment, but when the secret guards arrived to inform him about the Xuanyuan family, His Royal Highness broke out of the water dungeon right away . ”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .



Broke out of the water dungeon?

Granny Gong said seriously, “His Royal Highness arrived just in time to save you, Miss Wu . Otherwise, we can’t imagine what might have happened to you . ”

Biting her lower lip, Feng Wu remained silent, but deep down, she was slightly touched .

Granny Gong was right . If Jun Linyuan hadn’t arrived at the last moment to draw Xuanyuan Kun’s soul out of Xuanyuan Yi’s body, she would have lost the battle .

“Where… is he?” Feng Wu’s clear eyes reminded one of the morning dew, and when she turned around, she looked as pretty as a picture .

Granny Gong secretly rejoiced .

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It seemed that all her efforts hadn’t been wasted . The girl, who had been as ignorant of her own feelings as the crown prince, was finally going to acknowledge them .

Smiling, Granny Gong pushed Feng Wu, who was all dressed up, toward the door . “His Royal Highness is in his study . It’s right there, the wooden courtyard . ”

Since Jun Linyuan had given her a lot of help, Feng Wu thought that it was only reasonable to thank the guy .

Granny Gong was relieved by the knowledge that she had accomplished her mission . She left in a great mood .

On her way to the study, Feng Wu still felt conflicted over how to thank Jun Linyuan, when she overheard a conversation .

“Have you heard? His Royal Highness carried Miss Feng Wu back himself yesterday . ”

“Have we heard? We saw it with our own eyes . ”

“So, it’s true?”

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“Of course . ”

“Don’t you know? Everyone has been talking about it . ”

“About His Royal Highness carrying Miss Feng Wu?”

“That’s right . Everyone is saying that His Royal Highness is in love with Miss Feng Wu . ”

“But isn’t Miss Zuo our future lady? She’s the real phoenix . ”

“Our crown prince won’t just have one woman . Miss Zuo is going to be his official wife, and Miss Feng Wu is going to be the concubine . ”

“That’s right . Miss Feng Wu should consider herself a very lucky woman to be able to become a concubine . Surely she isn’t vain enough to hope that she’ll become his official wife . ”

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Feng Wu heard every single word of the malicious conversation .

She had been immersed in her own world, but frowned when she heard this .

Usually, she didn’t care much about other people’s comments, but somehow, she was irritated this time .

Whether it was because of Zuo Qingluan or not, Feng Wu couldn’t care less . She only knew that she was now very angry .


With a wave of her hand, Feng Wu picked up the maid, who had been guiding the conversation, by the neck!

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