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Chapter 119: Her Thoughts……Were Already In A Mess

Yu Ming Ye's spirit cultivator's body leapt down from the high wall and fixed his arrogant gaze on Feng Wu as he emphasized seriously. "It's absolutely impossible for me to like you! You should give up on this idea!"

Feng Wu nodded, readily agreeing. "Woah, fine, fine. I'll give up on that idea now. I can go now, right?"

Yu Ming Ye's wholeheartedly serious and solemn manner was suddenly angered by Feng Wu's half-hearted attitude. How could her reaction be so flat? Other girls who had been rejected by him had all been inconsolably heart broken.

He deeply inhaled then pointed at Feng Wu, in a rage as he spoke with emphasis. "I already have a girl I like, so you don't have to keep imagining that your love is reciprocated!"

Feng Wu quickly nodded. "Yes yes, I won't continue to imagine that my love's reciprocated……so is there anything else you want to say?" [Is it possible for you to finish what you have to say in one breath? Feng Xun and the rest of them really are approaching soon. I'm awfully anxious, you know!]

Yu Ming Ye was stung again, she just couldn't wait to leave him? Did his looks make people want to escape from him that much?

Yu Ming Ye coldly laughed. "The girl that I like is so much better looking than you! Who do you think you are, who cares about you!"

He couldn't understand why, but Yu Ming Ye just didn't want to let this girl go.

Previously, the reason why he threw a peach pit at Feng Wu's head was because he felt that her figure quite resembled the ugly girl from Icebound Forest who tricked him into a miserable state. Now that they are so near to each other, he also felt that the scent from Feng Wu's body was very similar to that of the ugly girl……

If her face was covered, Yu Ming Ye would mistake her for the ugly girl.

"Fine fine, better looking than me……eh? Is she even better looking than me? Is there a girl who's better looking than me in Northern Territory City? How's that possible? Who is it, can I have a look?" Feng Wu's eyes shined. In the many years since she'd gained awareness, the only people who she'd admit to be more beautiful than her was her own mother and her master. She totally didn't give recognition to anyone else.

"Humph!" Yu Ming Ye complacently harrumphed. "Why should I let you see her? In any case, she's very, very pretty. Once you've seen her, you'd feel inferior, therefore, you shouldn't delude yourself. Only she is an unparalleled goddess of goddesses in my heart!"

Feng Wu was really curious about the appearance of the girl who someone like Yu Ming Ye considered to be a goddess in his heart!

"Wow! Really? Is there really a girl who's more beautiful than I am? Who in the world can it be? How did you guys meet? Where's she now, is it really not possible for me to meet her? Even if I'm to lose to her, I'd still like to lose in a way that I can accept wholeheartedly, right?" Feng Wu was truly still a little interested.

Yu Ming Ye complacently raised his sword shaped eyebrows. "How did I meet her? I met her a few days ago at Icebound Forest. She's not only clever and farsighted, she's also gentle and kindhearted, innocent, and romantic. Her appearance is even more……in any case, you can't even compare to a single fingertip of hers!"

A few days ago……Icebound Forest……Feng Wu's eyes opened wider and wider, her mouth also opened wider and wider……

"What? Don't you believe it?" Yu Ming Ye took a glance at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu shook her head. "Don't believe it. Absolutely don't believe it. Completely don't believe it."

"Look here, this is a token of love that she left for me." Yu Ming Ye took out two white porcelain bottles and waved it in front of Feng Wu.

Feng Wu's thoughts……were already in a mess.

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