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Published at 29th of October 2020 04:43:35 AM
Chapter 1185: Untitled
Chapter 1185 Untitled Feng Xun thought, “Well, Feng Wu does have something up her sleeve, and your grandson trained her himself . ”Of course, Feng Xun wasn’t going to tell the empress dowager that . Otherwise, the old lady would kill him first .

Meanwhile, all eyes were on Xuanyuan Yi!

“That was awesome!”

“Feng Wu is so going to die this time!”

“But even if Feng Wu loses, she’ll still have lost with honor!”

Lady Wang and her children exchanged looks, and all of them smiled knowingly .

Finally, Feng Wu was going to die…

They had been so frightened just then when Feng Wu suddenly turned things around and seemed to be winning . Luckily for them, they didn’t stay frightened for too long .

After the breakthrough, Xuanyuan Yi was covered in a blue light .

It was a temporary effect right after a breakthrough, and his body was enhanced with spiritual essence .

Surrounded by the fluctuations of spiritual essence, Xuanyuan Yi was so mighty that the space around him seemed to tremble .

Staring at Feng Wu with a cold look in his eyes, Xuanyuan Yi smiled .

“Feng Wu! Die!”

Holding his long sword with both hands, Xuanyuan Yi charged at Feng Wu, activating all his energy .

One couldn’t even begin to describe how intimidating it was!

The spiritual essence rushed toward Feng Wu like a tidal wave, and gave off a tremendous amount of pressure!

As Xuanyuan Yi closed in, Feng Wu began to lose ground .

She struck out with the vine .


It only took Xuanyuan Yi a second to crush the vine into three sections, as if it hadn’t been giving him a hard time just a moment ago .


The audience cried out in surprise .

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“That’s so scary!”

“That’s a powerful beast!”

“Has Xuanyuan Yi gone nuts?”

“Is a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster so powerful?”

“Is Feng Wu going to die?”

Meanwhile, Feng Wu felt a little defeated as well; she never thought that the difference between two levels would be so great!


Xuanyuan Yi struck at Feng Wu with his sword .

Feng Wu tried to dodge .

In a normal situation, she should have been able to get away, but this time, her feet seemed to be nailed to the ground, making it impossible for her to move!

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The blade of the sword swung at Feng Wu as she cursed under her breath .


The sword pierced Feng Wu from behind .

Xuanyuan Yi had aimed for Feng Wu’s heart, but at that critical moment, Feng Wu shifted, and the blade missed its target by a bit .

However —


There was blood on the blade, which stained Feng Wu’s chest .

Almost everyone in the VIP section rose to their feet .

“Damn it!” Clenching his fists, Feng Xun wanted to rush onto the platform!

Feng Wu swayed from the stab to her chest, and looked like she could faint at any moment!

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Blood kept running down her chest, and soon stained her belly, her pants, and the ground…

Feng Xun thought that he was going to lose his mind!

“Sit down!” the empress dowager bellowed, glaring at him .


Before Feng Xun could say another word, the empress dowager scolded him . “This is a duel!”

Feng Xun said, “But…”

The empress dowager said, “Feng Xun, you’ve violated the rule once already!”

She usually called him “Ah Xun,” and would only address him as Feng Xun when she was really angry .

That just showed how furious the empress dowager was .

Of course Feng Xun knew that it was a duel .

A person could only leave the arena after their opponent fell .

No one was to interfere . That was the rule .

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