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Chapter 1180: 1180
Chapter 1180 Untitled How formidable!Shocked, Feng Wu dodged sideways .

However, Xuanyuan Yi would never let her off the hook that easily .

“18 Vine Strikes!”

Holding his vine, Xuanyuan Yi lashed out with power like an erupting volcano!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

He whipped so hard that one would think he was going to break the vine .

Feng Wu kept dodging, for she wasn’t strong enough to fight the vine head on!

That vine was simply too formidable!

Using Phoenix Dance, Feng Wu dodged the vine by running around the arena .

Phoenix Dance consisted of intricate movements that Feng Wu’s beautiful master had taught her himself . It was supposed to help Feng Wu run away from danger .

It was true . Not many people could catch Feng Wu if she wanted to get away . Back then, Feng Wu had used Phoenix Dance to run away from Feng Xun .

But now, she was in the arena .

The arena was a square platform less than 100 square meters in size, which left Feng Wu very limited room to maneuver .

Xuanyuan Yi, on the other hand, was becoming more ferocious!

Probably because of his earlier frustration, he needed to get back at Feng Wu now, and was cracking the vine as loudly as he could .

Feng Wu frowned and her face darkened .

Xuanyuan Yi had been following her so closely that he was catching up to her!

Meanwhile, from the audience’s point of view, the vine had almost hit Feng Wu across the back more than once!

However, Feng Wu was able to dodge the vine with her unbelievable moves every single time!

That was close!

The narrow escape made the audience so nervous that they could hardly breathe!

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In the VIP section, Feng Yanfeng narrowed his eyes .

Exactly what kind of secret had Feng Wu been keeping from everyone else?

The three stances had already impressed him .

Fallen Star Swordplay? Since when did the Feng clan have such a formidable skill? If they did have it, then how could the clan have fallen so low?

And then there were those incredible moves Feng Wu was using!

Feng Yanfeng made up his mind — he was going to make Feng Wu tell him what that skill was!

Right at that moment!


There was a loud thump!

Because all eyes had been on Feng Wu, everyone watched as that whip-like vine smashed down on Feng Wu’s back!

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“Ahhh —”

Feng Wu cried out in anger!

That hurt!

Instantly, Feng Wu felt as if her back had been cracked open, and she trembled as she broke into a cold sweat .

The barbed thorns of the vine cut Feng Wu’s skin open, leaving behind bloody gashes!

Feng Wu could sense a strange toxin enter her body through the cuts and instantly enter her bloodstream!

What was worse, Feng Wu felt dizzy!

The pain, the toxin, and the dizziness…

Anyone else would have collapsed by now, but Feng Wu wasn’t just anybody!

She was able to analyze the ingredients in the toxin as soon as she was hurt . She then took out a bottle of medicine and poured it into her mouth .

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If she didn’t neutralize the toxin, she would lose her mobility!

As the pale green antidote slid down her throat, Feng Wu’s head felt much clearer!

However —

This slowed Feng Wu down .

For cultivators like Feng Wu and Xuanyuan Yi, the smallest delay could have a great impact!

Xuanyuan Yi’s vine smashed down!

It hit Feng Wu hard on the back!

In an instant, Feng Wu was whipped three times!

The stance was known as “18 Vine Strikes,” and he had struck 12 times already . There were eight more strikes to go!

If he succeeded in hitting Feng Wu eight times in a row, Feng Wu would never be able to withstand it . In her current condition, she would certainly be killed!

It was obvious what Xuanyuan Yi’s plan was —

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