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Chapter 1179: 1179
Chapter 1179 Untitled In the arena —Xuanyuan Yi stared at Feng Wu with a little smile .

“You’re so naive if you think you can kill me with this stance . ”

Feng Wu smiled a little . “Really? Let’s give it a try . ”

As she spoke, Feng Wu lowered Flaming Sword, which had been pointing at the sky, then threw it out toward Xuanyuan Yi!

“Go!” Feng Wu cried out .

As she spoke, streaks of lightning flashed in the sky, resembling a giant dragon!

Clouds rolled in thick layers, and that lightning dragon charged downward!

The pressure was almost unbearable!

The area was filled with thunder energy!

How formidable!

Xuanyuan Yu and Feng Yanfeng both jumped to their feet and stared at Xuanyuan Yi .

Feng Wu’s performance astonished and impressed Feng Yanfeng .

Just as all the thunder energy was about to smash down on Xuanyuan Yi, he bellowed .

“I’ll take it all!”

Standing where he was, he bent his knees to brace himself, then opened his mouth, which looked like a black hole .

As everyone watched in astonishment, a streak of lightning shot into his mouth!

Then a second, a third, and a fourth…

They shot into his mouth like thin dragons, but he devoured them all!

“How’s that even possible?!”

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Feng Yanfeng smacked the back of his chair .

From what he could tell, Xuanyuan Yi was still a Spiritual Grandmaster . Were Spiritual Grandmasters nowadays so scary?

One of them could create a world of thunder, while the other could devour it?

The audience erupted!

“Oh god! Xuanyuan Yi is even better at concealing himself!”

“How terrifying! The guy can devour thunder and lightning!”

“Look! The billboard!”

Xuanyuan Yi used to be 180th, but as he absorbed the spiritual energy, his name quickly moved upward!


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Whoosh —

When the list finally stopped changing, Xuanyuan Yi’s name was in 50th place!



“Xuanyuan Yi is much higher up the list than many seniors who have been in Year 1 for the past ten years!”

“He’s absolutely a genius!”

By then, Xuanyuan Yi had devoured all the thunder . After the last streak went in, he wiped his mouth and said, “Yummy . ”

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Feng Wu could tell that the energy was rampaging around in Xuanyuan Yi so violently that it was threatening to burst out .

Xuanyuan Yi was obviously in pain, so much so that he was on the verge of losing control . Feng Wu could tell, from the popping veins on his neck and the cold sweat on his forehead .

But somehow, the energy gradually calmed down .

What secret did Xuanyuan Yi have inside his body? Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

Staring at Feng Wu, Xuanyuan Yi snorted . “You’ve shown all your cards, but I’m just getting started!”

As he spoke, Xuanyuan Yi waved his hand, and a green vine rose out of his palm .

“The vine!”

The audience cried out in surprise . “That’s Xuanyuan Yi’s pet plant! It has barbed thorns, is poisonous, and can stun people!”

The vine seemed to be growing from Xuanyuan Yi’s palm . Holding the vine, Xuanyuan Yi lashed out forcefully at Feng Wu!

The vine was like a whip filled with spiritual energy!

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