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Chapter 1178: 1178
Chapter 1178 Untitled Seeing the stern look on the empress dowager’s face, Empress Dugu looked pleased . Lady Northern Feng was about to speak, when the empress dowager waved her off . “Just wait and see . ”

In the arena —

Feng Wu had tied Xuanyuan Yi up with Dancing Dragon in the Moonlight, the second stance of Fallen Star Swordplay!

Xuanyuan Yi’s face darkened .

He had expected Feng Wu to have something up her sleeve, but he hadn’t expected that she would be this spectacular!

The next moment, Xuanyuan Yi directed his energy to his dantian, and he was covered in a red glow .

He looked like he was on fire and was going to explode . Blue veins popped on his forehead and arms, and his pulse raced!


Instantly, Xuanyuan Yi’s body enlarged, and violent fluctuations of spiritual energy spread out from him like ripples .


There was a loud bang!

Dancing Dragon in the Moonlight, which had been wrapped around Xuanyuan Yi, exploded!

Xuanyuan Yi overexerted himself, and was injured by the exploding spiritual energy . Blood oozed out from the corners of his mouth!

“This Miss Feng Wu really is amazing… She forced Ah Yi to do that . ”

On the Xuanyuan family’s side of the VIP seats, Xuanyuan Yu frowned and was lost in his thoughts .

Xuanyuan Yu had been there the entire time, and knew what Xuanyuan Yi had experienced in that one day and night…

That was why Xuanyuan Yu was genuinely impressed by Feng Wu when he saw her performance .

Xuanyuan Yi stared at Feng Wu . “Is that all? Your ultimate move is so blah . ”

Feng Wu smiled . “My ultimate move? You need to open your eyes!”

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As soon as she said that, Feng Wu attacked a third time!

“Third stance of Fallen Star Swordplay, Fatal Thunder!”

The first two stances were only trial runs, and Feng Wu never expected to defeat Xuanyuan Yi with them!

However, Feng Wu had high expectations for the third stance .

“Fatal Thunder —” Feng Wu pointed her sword upward, and sword energy shot up into the sky!

Immediately —

Spiritual essence ran rampant between heaven and earth!

Streaks of lightning started to form above the sword .

Soon, more lightning formed and flashed across the sky .

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The sound of thunder filled everyone’s ears .

The sky above the arena was covered in intersecting streaks of lightning, as if they had taken over the world .

That scene shocked almost everyone in the audience!

Among them —

Most of the audience were Year 1 students, newbies and seniors included .

The newbies looked at one another with astonishment in their eyes .

“I can’t believe how amazing Feng Wu is!”

“Do you remember how we used to provoke her?!”

As for the seniors —

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“Isn’t she a newbie this year? Since when are newbies so terrifying? What are we going to do now?”

“There I was, thinking that I could kick them around a little, but the newbies this year are so scary!”

“Feng Wu… She’s made it into the top 200 on the billboard already . Most of the seniors haven’t even reached that high a level on the list yet . ”

Most of the people in the VIP section were more reserved and wouldn’t let much show on their faces .

However, they were all staring at Feng Wu’s hand, which was holding that sword pointing upward .

That world of thunder!

“She’s only a Spiritual Grandmaster, but she can already create a world of thunder . That’s unheard of . ”

Even Xuanyuan Yu, the representative of the Xuanyuan clan, had to say that in amazement .

The girl was going to have such a promising future!

“Luckily,” thought Xuanyuan Yu to himself, “we made all the preparations last night . Otherwise, Xuanyuan Yi would die in that world of thunder . ”

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