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Chapter 1177: 1177
Chapter 1177 Untitled It kept picking up speed!The crowd had lost count of how many times the dragon flew around Xuanyuan Yi .

The dragon seemed soft and loose when it was flying; however, when the stance took effect, the dragon suddenly tightened!


Xuanyuan Yi was tied up in a bundle!

“Oh my god!”

“Feng Wu can actually do that?”

“Feng Wu is indeed worthy of her fame . She wasn’t called a little genius for nothing! She’s risen again!”

In the VIP section —

The Xuanyuan family frowned and couldn’t believe what they were seeing .

The members of the Feng clan also frowned and looked equally bewildered .

Lady Wang, Feng Liu, Feng Sang, and Feng Yiran opened their mouths in astonishment .

They couldn’t believe it…

How was that possible?!

Feng Wu had only been a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster when she revealed her capability!

How long had it been since then? And she could already fight Xuanyuan Yi now!

Exactly what level was she at now?

Was she even human?

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Lady Wang and her family members looked at one another, overwhelmed with jealousy and frustration .

Someone cried out at that moment, “Check out the billboard!”

The billboard? What more surprising changes had taken place?

Everyone looked up .

It was true . Something astonishing had indeed happened .

Xuanyuan Yi used to be 199th, but had moved up to 180th .

But Feng Wu was even more amazing .

She had been 258th only a moment ago, but because of the two attacks, she had quickly risen to 199th!

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“Feng Wu is 199th already?!”


“Didn’t people say that Feng Wu got into Imperial College because she cheated, so she didn’t dare take the billboard test? Then what’s going on here?”

A lot of people were lost for words .

That was right…

They could lie to themselves before, saying that Feng Wu had gotten where she was because she had cheated, but they had just been proven wrong . The billboard was an independent system, and even Mr Fang couldn’t tamper with it . How could Feng Wu cheat the billboard?

In the VIP section, Lady Northern Feng glanced at Qiao Yi with a smile . “Didn’t I hear someone say a moment ago that Feng Wu got in because she cheated?”

Whoosh —

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A lot of people turned their heads in Qiao Yi’s direction .

Among them, the empress dowager had the most piercing gaze!

Because she had believed Qiao Yi!

Qiao Yi flushed and regretted hanging around . Had she known this was going to happen, she would have left earlier on, instead of staying here…

When she saw the questioning looks, Qiao Yi summoned up her courage and said, “Well, I heard some rumors from the students, so I…”

Lady Northern Feng smirked . “So, a teacher can take a student rumor as truth . Is that how a teacher should act?”

Qiao Yi’s face turned scarlet as she stood there, utterly humiliated . She wished the ground would open up to swallow her .

Empress Dugu interjected with a smile, “Feng Wu hid her capability so well . Even we didn’t know about it, let alone Qiao Yi . ”

She then added in a seemingly indifferent tone, “The girl is already quite capable, but she kept it a secret . I wonder what she’s up to . ”

The empress dowager had felt a little guilty for misjudging Feng Wu, but when she heard Empress Dugu, she frowned again!

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