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Published at 21st of October 2020 03:25:05 PM
Chapter 1171: 1171
Chapter 1171 Is She Too Afraid to Come? “That time, it was like a nightmare for me… I don’t know how I’m going to teach such a student…”Qiao Yi broke into tears .

Jun Wuxia frowned . “What happened?”

Qiao Yi said between broken sobs, “This Feng Wu is so out of line . She insisted that she would become an independent day student, and as her class teacher, I didn’t agree, so she slapped me…”


Not only Jun Wuxia, but even the empress dowager cried out in surprise .

The empress dowager’s face was livid as she stared at Qiao Yi with a ferocious look in her eyes . “What did you say? As a student, Feng Wu hit her teacher?!”

Qiao Yi put a hand on the cheek Feng Wu had slapped and nodded with a sob . “She’s so well-connected that there was nothing I could do . Although I’m the teacher, I have to swallow the humiliation . ”

The empress dowager snorted .

All land under heaven belonged to the emperor, and all within the land were the emperor’s servants . He was the ultimate boss!

How dare someone as petty as Feng Wu act so arrogantly?!

At that thought, the empress dowager glared at Lady Northern Feng .

She was convinced that Lady Northern Feng was the reason why Feng Wu was so willful .

Before Lady Northern Feng could speak, Qiao Yi went on in her teary voice . “Mr Fang, our principal, has always been good to Feng Wu . He treats her even better than Mu Yaoyao, his own granddaughter . ”

So, it was Grand Secretary Fang .

The empress dowager frowned .

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Grand Secretary Fang was a well-respected and experienced minister who used to be the emperor’s teacher . Even the empress dowager had to respect the old man, not to mention that Grand Secretary Fang had made another breakthrough and had become an even mightier cultivator .

The empress dowager winced .

Lady Northern Feng sighed inwardly . Poor Feng Wu . She hadn’t even shown her face yet and these people were already slandering her like this . She worried that the empress dowager might finish the girl off as soon as she arrived .

“Your Majesty, please don’t be mad . That’s only one side of the story . We’ll have to look more carefully into it if we want to find out the truth…”

However, the empress dowager sneered before Lady Northern Feng could finish . “Yaya, you can stop trying to make excuses for her!”

Hearing that from the empress dowager, there was nothing else Lady Northern Feng could say .

Jun Wuxia and Empress Dugu exchanged gloating looks .

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They had no idea where this Qiao Yi had come from, but she had just proven herself very helpful . How interesting . They made a mental note to reward her generously later .

Seeing this, Jun Wuxia added fuel to the flames . “Isn’t it about time? Why is Feng Wu still not here?”

The empress dowager looked up at the arena and saw that it was indeed the case .

With a long sword on his back, Xuanyuan Yi looked like he had become one with it . Sword energy filled the air .

Standing on one side of the stage, he had a solemn look on his face . He was ready to fight and kill!

However, the other side of the stage remained empty…

The frown on the empress dowager’s face grew bigger!

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That Feng Wu!

Not only was she arrogant and domineering, she also disrespected her teachers and couldn’t see beyond her nose!

The empress dowager had thought that if Feng Wu had a pleasant temperament, she would turn a blind eye and let the crown prince have her as a concubine .

But by the looks of it, that wasn’t an option anymore!

Jun Wuxia grinned . “Is Feng Wu too afraid to come?”

A hush fell over the arena .

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