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Published at 21st of October 2020 02:45:06 AM
Chapter 1170: 1170
1170 Untitled “Of course… of course I’ll tell the truth…” Qiao Yi feigned a regretful tone . “Miss Feng Wu has received a lot of complaints from her fellow classmates . ”

Jun Wuxia was excited to hear that, but she still pretended to be confused . “Really? Feng Wu isn’t popular with her classmates? What’s her problem?”

Fighting back her excitement, Qiao Yi said, “I assume that you know that Feng Wu was admitted into the college with the highest mark?”

Jun Wuxia said, “That’s right . Not only did she receive the top mark, she also got full marks, which is unheard of . ”

Qiao Yi smirked . “But why didn’t she dare take the ranking test after she got in, even if she got full marks?”

Jun Wuxia’s eyes lit up . “Are you saying that she cheated in the entrance exam?”

Qiao Yi waved her hands immediately . “Princess, I didn’t say that . That wasn’t what I meant . ”

Jun Wuxia threw a dirty look at Qiao Yi . She couldn’t have made it any clearer, but she still tried to deny it . This Qiao Yi really was a piece of work .

“However…” Qiao Yi seemed to want to say something, but hesitated . “It’s just that because of that, Feng Wu has never shown up on the billboard, which made some of the students question her ability . ”

Jun Wuxia snorted . “If she really has the ability, why didn’t she dare take the ranking test? She must have something to hide!”

Jun Wuxia stole a glance at her mother and grandmother as she spoke .

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Empress Dugu was sipping tea from the cup she was holding, acting as if she had nothing to do with this . She hid her satisfaction over Feng Wu’s predicament very well .

The empress dowager, on the other hand, looked furious!

Qiao Yi and Jun Wuxia exchanged looks, and reached a tacit agreement .

“What else has everyone been saying about this Feng Wu?” Jun Wuxia tried to create more opportunities for Qiao Yi .

Qiao Yi pretended to hesitate over the question, but said in the end, “Apart from that, I guess Miss Feng Wu is… alright…”

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Jun Wuxia smirked . “What do you mean by ‘alright’? If there really is nothing wrong with her, why did you hesitate? Qiao Yi, you’re facing the empress dowager and the empress here . Are you trying to withhold information from them?”

Qiao Yi apologized immediately, then sighed . “Actually, Feng Wu doesn’t come to the college that often . School has been in session for a while, but as her class teacher, I’ve only seen her twice . ”

The empress dowager’s face darkened right away .

Before, when Qiao Yi hinted that Feng Wu had cheated, the empress dowager had still found that statement dubious, but this information convinced her completely!

“How arrogant!” The empress dowager snorted .

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Lady Northern Feng felt her throat tighten .

She wondered what kind of grudge this Qiao Yi had against Feng Wu . Why was she slandering Feng Wu like this?

Qiao Yi smiled bitterly . “The last time I saw her, she almost beat a new student to death . She was so merciless…”

Jun Wuxia timed her questions perfectly . She asked, “What?! Feng Wu almost killed a classmate?!”

“That’s right . That day…” Qiao Yi described what happened the other day, interpreting it in her own way and focusing on how arrogant Feng Wu was . As a result…

Mu Yaoyao sounded perfectly innocent in her narration, while Feng Wu was completely at fault .

“And the next time I saw her was a few days later…” Qiao Yi looked like she was about to cry .

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