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Chapter 1169: 1169
Chapter 1169 False Accusations When Jin Yuntao sent a message to World Tower the last time, the head of the tower moved Jin Yuntao up two floors right away . What would happen this time?Jin Yuntao smiled bitterly . “This is a big deal . I’m sure His Royal Highness already knows, even if I didn’t tell him . ”

However, His Royal Highness hadn’t responded…

“Xuanyuan Yi! Xuanyuan Yi! Xuanyuan Yi —”

The crowd kept cheering, which was quite electrifying and exciting .

Just then, there was a commotion outside .

“Is Feng Wu coming?”

With that question, everyone turned their heads to the main gate, only to see —

The bright yellow color that was unique to the royal family walked into the courtyard .

The color of the royal family?!

Which member of the royal family was here?

Could it be a prince or a princess?!

“All hail Her Majesty, the empress dowager —”

The empress dowager?!

Everyone present cried out in surprise!

The empress dowager was known to have little contact with the outside world, and very few people had seen her . What brought the old lady here?

Mr Fang didn’t have to be here today, but then, the empress dowager was here… Chief Yu sent someone to find Mr Fang, while she rushed over to greet the old lady .

Of course, Qiao Yi wouldn’t miss out on such a great opportunity . Quickening her pace, she followed the crowd as well .

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“Your Majesty —” Chief Yu bowed to the empress dowager .

The empress dowager only glanced at her, and continued walking without stopping .

Rising to her feet, Chief Yu followed the old lady hastily with her head still lowered, so that she could clear the space in front of the arena for the empress dowager .

Naturally, the empress dowager hadn’t come on her own .

Empress Dugu was with her, and so was Lady Northern Feng . Even the third princess, Jun Wuxia, was here as an onlooker .

As soon as they took their seats, Jun Wuxia stared at Chief Yu . “Where’s Mr Fang, the principal?”

Chief Yu broke out in a sweat and nodded repeatedly . “Mr Fang will be here in a minute . He’ll be here . ”

One couldn’t begin to imagine how awestruck she felt .

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The women in front of her could be considered the most respected women in the empire . No one was as close to the seat of power as they were .

Taking advantage of her special status, Jun Wuxia spoke to Chief Yu in a condescending tone, “What now? It’s time for the duel . Why isn’t it starting?”

Chief Yu had a bitter taste in her mouth…

These VIPs had arrived so out of the blue that she had been taken by surprise .

“We have 5 minutes before the start of the duel . ”

Jun Wuxia waved her off . “Go and tell them to hurry up!”

Chief Yu said, “Yes, yes…”

Chief Yu left, but Qiao Yi stayed . Seeing the way the latter’s eyes were darting around, Jun Wuxia couldn’t help but frown . “Who are you, then?”

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Qiao Yi bowed immediately, then smiled and spoke in a cloying voice, “Your Royal Highness, I’m Feng Wu’s teacher . ”

Jun Wuxia knitted her eyebrows right away .

Qiao Yi immediately saw that the princess here didn’t like Feng Wu .

Moreover, upon close observation, Qiao Yi noticed that the princess wasn’t the only one who didn’t like Feng Wu; the empress dowager and the empress looked equally disgruntled .

This is perfect!

Qiao Yi sighed . “But this Feng Wu… well… I don’t know what to say about her . ”

That tone…

Jun Wuxia took the hint right away . She smirked inwardly, but asked immediately, “What are you saying? What kind of student is Feng Wu? The empress dowager and the empress are here . You have to tell the truth!”

Qiao Yi was here to make false accusations, so of course she would make use of this great opportunity .

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