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Chapter 1168: 1168
Chapter 1168 Her Majesty the Empress Dowager Is Here — The empress dowager suddenly raised a hand and said to Granny Lan by her side, “Help me change . ”Granny Lan looked at the empress dowager in bewilderment .

The empress dowager snorted . “I’m going to Imperial College . ”


The empress dowager was going to Imperial College?

Even Emperor Wu was baffled . He was about to say something, when the empress dowager snorted and waved her hand . “Your Majesty, don’t bother . I have nothing better to do and the weather is nice, so I think I’ll take a walk outside . ”

Lady Northern Feng sighed inwardly .

It seemed that the old lady really held a grudge against Feng Wu .

Back at Imperial College —

The arena for the duel was in a huge square between Blue Cloud Court and Universe Court . The Year 1 billboard was right next to it!

The teachers knew that the Year 1 students wouldn’t be in the mood for class because of the duel, so they simply gave them the morning off .

The arena wall was about 10 meters tall and made from big, thick dark iron stone, which gave off a crude yet forceful feel .

The arena was empty, but the area around it was packed .

There were newbies from Blue Cloud Court, seniors from Universe Court, and some other people who had been given access because they were related to the event somehow, such as the Feng and Xuanyuan clansmen .

There was no shortage of onlookers . It was someone else dueling, but the onlookers were even more excited .

It was almost time, but neither of the two contestants had shown up yet .

“Feng Sang, Feng Sang, why is Feng Wu still not here?”

Many knew about the relationship between Feng Sang and Feng Wu, so they all ran over to ask Feng Sang for information .

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“Is Feng Wu too scared to come?”

Next to them, Gongsun Qing snapped, “Xuanyuan Yi isn’t here either . Why are you only targeting Feng Wu? If you ask me, Xuanyuan Yi is the one who doesn’t dare show up . ”

Gongsun Qing was from the Gongsun family and too prominent for anyone to oppose . However —

“Look . Someone’s coming!”

They turned around to see a streak of light flying across the sky . The next thing they knew, Xuanyuan Yi landed on the right side of the arena .

He stood there in his white robe with a long sword on his back . Sword energy filled the air!

Standing there with his hands behind his back, he gave one the feeling that he and the sword had become one .

“What —”

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Two people in the crowd exchanged surprised looks .

They were none other than Rong Shixin and Si Yuan, the 1st and 2nd on the Year 1 billboard .

Rong Shixin’s eyes flickered . “If I’m not mistaken, there’s been a clear improvement in Xuanyuan Yi’s capability . ”

Si Yuan nodded with a dark face .

Someone cried out next to them, “With Xuanyuan Yi’s capability now, he should be able to make it into the top 100 on that billboard, right?”

Rong Shixin only smiled . “Top 100? You’re underestimating Xuanyuan Yi . ”

“What do you mean?”

Rong Shixin didn’t say anything, and only smiled .

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Several people In the crowd were worried for Feng Wu, such as Jin Yuntao and his friends, who got along well with Feng Wu .

Yuan Ming gritted his teeth . “Xuanyuan Yi made so much progress… What will Feng Wu do?”

Ye Zhou said, “I didn’t see this coming . It’s only been a day, and he’s changed so drastically! There’s no way that Feng Wu is going to win this . ”

Yuan Ming said, “Losing won’t be a big thing if this was any other day . She could always start again, but now…”

Ye Zhou broke out in a cold sweat . “It’s a duel to the death . What are we going to do?”

The two of them then turned to Jin Yuntao in unison . “Did you send out the message?”

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