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Chapter 1155: 1155
Chapter 1155 Unstoppable Scandal Lady Wang was already secretly rejoicing over what happened between Feng Wu and the Xuanyuan family . However, she hadn’t expected something even better to happen so soon . Feng Sang snorted . “Feng Wu probably doesn’t know that the billboard doesn’t do justice to Xuanyuan Yi’s true capability . She really thinks that he’s only good enough to be ranked 298th on the billboard . She’s asking to be killed!”

Lady Wang was over the moon . “Are you sure they’re going to fight to the death? And no one will be punished for killing the other?”

Feng Sang nodded solemnly . “That just shows how much Xuanyuan Yi hates Feng Wu . I bet he wants to cut her into little pieces . After all, Feng Wu had everything to do with the discovery of Lady Cai’s affair . ”

The mother and daughter never once thought that Feng Wu might have been behind what happened between Lady Cai and Zuo Qingliu, for they didn’t believe that Feng Wu could have pulled that off .

“So, when does the battle take place?” Lady Wang asked excitedly .

“Tomorrow morning . ”

Lady Wang asked, “Are outsiders allowed to watch the battle?”

Feng Sang asked, “Mother, do you want to go?”

Next to them, Feng Liu couldn’t hide her excitement . “I want to go, too . Take me! I want to watch Feng Wu die . My hatred won’t be quelled until she’s dead!”

Feng Sang said, “Other people won’t be allowed to watch, but we’re Feng Wu’s family, and the college will take that into consideration in a life or death battle like this . You’ll be able to watch .

“I never thought we would see Feng Wu die at another person’s hands like this with our own eyes . I bet Feng Wu will be so frustrated when she realizes it . ”

The Zuo family —

The atmosphere in the family was utterly miserable .

Because Zuo Qingliu was dead .

Although Zuo Qingliu wasn’t the oldest son of his generation, he was a smooth talker and his grandmother doted on him . She even preferred him over his oldest brother, Zuo Qinghan .

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The old lady cried until she passed out when she learned about Zuo Qingliu’s death . Although she had woken up already, she still had a sickly complexion and was very down .

Lady Tao, Zuo Qingliu’s mother, cried her eyes red and raw to the point that they seemed to bleed .

“It’s the Xuanyuan family! It has to be the Xuanyuan family’s doing! I’ll never forgive that family!” Tugging at Zuo Ming, Lady Tao gritted her teeth with hatred . “Master, am I right?”

Zuo Ming was angry, resigned, and regretful .

They had already reached an agreement with the Xuanyuan family, and were about to form an alliance with the latter, but at the last minute —

“That bastard did such a shameless thing and ruined this family’s reputation! He had it coming!” Zuo Ming scolded .

Lady Tao could do nothing but cry . “But… no matter what he did… he was still our son… I’m sure he only did that because Lady Cai seduced him…”

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Zuo Ming didn’t want to talk to her anymore .

Next to them, Zuo Qingyu gritted her teeth and held her tongue .

Zuo Ming had very acute senses . Turning his head, he saw the look on Zuo Qingyu’s face, and his stomach lurched .

“Do you know something that we don’t?” Zuo Ming stared at Zuo Qingyu .

Instantly, Lady Tao and Zuo Qinghan looked at Zuo Qingyu as well .

“I…” Zuo Qingyu hesitated .

Lady Tao was exasperated . “Your brother is dead, with his reputation in tatters . This is not the time to hold things back! Just tell us!”

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Zuo Qingyu was conflicted, because she and the other girls were the ones who had come up with the plan, but —

In the end, despite her reluctance, Zuo Qingyu told her family how they tried to frame Feng Wu the other night .


Lady Tao cried out in shock . “You and the others did this?! You tried to set Feng Wu up and this happened?! Zuo Qingyu, is that how you treat your brother?! He’s dead because of you!”

The lady jumped at Zuo Qingyu and wanted to hit the latter .

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