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Chapter 1154: 1154
1154 Top 50?! Si Yuan pointed at the Year 1 billboard a few steps away .

Feng Wu turned her head and looked in that direction .

Rong Shixin was ranked first with a total score of 1000 points .

Si Yuan was second with 999 points .

The system marked all students who took the test, and ranking by points was the most intuitive way to do so .

“Are you Rong Shixin?” Feng Wu looked into his eyes .

Si Yuan almost choked .

“Feng Wu! Are you humiliating me now?!” Staring at Feng Wu, Si Yuan blanched and was furious!

But Feng Wu looked perfectly innocent . “Weren’t you pointing at first place?”

Si Yuan didn’t want to talk to Feng Wu anymore . He spun around and marched off!

A person was hiding behind an old tree not far away . It was none other than Feng Sang herself .

Feng Sang thought her heart was going to jump out of her throat when she saw Si Yuan confess his love for Feng Wu . She was driven mad with jealousy, but luckily for her, Feng Wu was an idiot!

Walking out from behind the tree, Feng Sang sneered at Feng Wu . “You’re such an idiot!”

“So, that guy from just then, was he telling me that he liked me?” Feng Wu looked innocently at Feng Sang .

Feng Sang said, “…Hmph!”

She then stormed off .

Feng Wu rubbed her nose and was at a loss . Did she do something wrong?

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Although the Xuanyuan family incident had given rise to much discussion recently, there was a limit to how long rumors lasted . With enough time, people lost interest .

Hence, when the news of Feng Wu and Xuanyuan Yi’s battle to the death got out, no one cared about what happened between Lady Cai and Zuo Qingliu anymore .

Fallen Star Yard .

Because Chaoge went back to the Duan family, she didn’t go to Imperial College with Feng Wu today . How could she have known that Feng Wu would get herself into so much trouble in just a few hours?

After being lectured by Mrs Duan and the other members of the Duan family, Duan Chaoge rushed to Fallen Star Yard at top speed!

“Xiao Wu —”

Chaoge stared at Feng Wu in disbelief . “Are you going to fight Xuanyuan Yi to the death?”

Feng Wu was using a pair of long, thin scissors to trim some thorny roses in Fallen Star Yard . Hearing that, she looked up at Chaoge with a smile . “You’re back . ”

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Chaoge looked at Feng Wu in concern and asked nervously, “Are you really going to fight Xuanyuan Yi to the death?!”

Feng Wu smiled . “I didn’t know the news had already spread so quickly . It’s only been a while, and even you’ve heard about it . ”

“Are you sure about this?” Chaoge was very concerned . “That Xuanyuan Yi can be very hard to handle . ”

Feng Wu said, “Him? I think I’ll be alright . ”

Chaoge said, “Please don’t tell me that you think he’s only capable enough to be ranked 298th on that billboard . ”

Feng Wu only smiled .

Chaoge grew anxious right away . “Xiao Wu, I was told that Xuanyuan Yi missed out on one of the subjects during that test . That’s why he’s only 298th . If he had taken it, he would have gotten into the top 100 at least, or even the top 50!”

Feng Wu nodded .

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“Are you really sure?” Chaoge asked nervously as she took Feng Wu’s hand .

Because of the noise Chaoge was making, Qiuling and the others heard about it as well . Right now, they were all looking anxiously at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu smiled . “Of course I’m sure . Don’t worry . ”

However, they couldn’t stop themselves from worrying just because Feng Wu told them not to . The beautiful lady held Feng Wu’s hand and began to cry…

Apart from Feng Wu, everyone in Fallen Star Yard had distressed expressions on their faces .

In the Feng manor —

After Feng Sang got home, she told the others what happened, and Lady Wang was immediately excited!

“Was Feng Wu really that reckless?”

The incident the other day had been a hard blow to Lady Wang and had left her crestfallen . Hence, she hadn’t dared mess with Feng Wu recently, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t want to see Feng Wu in trouble .

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