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Chapter 1153: 1153
Chapter 1153 Be My Girl No one in Blue Cloud Court had any confidence in Feng Wu . In Universe Court, the quarter for the Year 1 senior students .

Someone took Feng Sang’s hand in excitement . “Feng Sang, Feng Sang, big news! That Feng Wu from your family really is going to die this time!”

Feng Sang frowned . “What are you talking about?”

“Feng Wu agreed to fight Xuanyuan Yi to the death tomorrow!”

Feng Sang asked, “Fight him to the death?”

“Yes . The kind where you sign an agreement before the battle and neither side is to be blamed for the death of the other . A battle to the death!”

Feng Sang narrowed her eyes and wondered if Feng Wu really was that eager to get killed .

But Feng Sang soon recalled the capability Feng Wu had shown in the Xuanyuan family house previously . It had been an astonishing demonstration, and she had to be a Level 7 Spiritual Grandmaster already!

Xuanyuan Yi had to be aware of Feng Wu’s cultivation level, but he still dared to challenge her . So, had there been a spurt in Xuanyuan Yi’s progress in the last few days?

“What’s Xuanyuan Yi’s ranking now?”

“He’s 298th . ”

“Where do you think Feng Wu would be on that billboard if she shows her true capability?”



But Feng Sang shook her head . With what Feng Wu demonstrated in the Xuanyuan family the other day, she could make it into the top 100 at least, if that really was her true capability .

Of the senior Year 1 students, Rong Shixin was doubtlessly the top cultivator, with Si Yuan ranked right behind him . The two of them had both been capable cultivators for a long time and were skillful enough to proceed to Year 2 . However, in order to consolidate their foundations, they had remained in Year 1 .

Right now, Rong Shixin and Si Yuan both frowned when they heard the news .

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Feng Wu had left a good impression on Rong Shixin, but since his family was related in some way to the Xuanyuan family, he was on their side .

Hence, after the Xuanyuan family incident, Rong Shixin considered Feng Wu an enemy .

As for Si Yuan…

He had met Feng Wu before, and was infatuated with her beauty —

Hearing the news, Si Yuan went out right away .

Where was he going?

Feng Sang had always had a secret crush on Si Yuan, and always paid attention to everything he did . Seeing him go out, she looked concerned . Without hesitation, she followed him quietly .

Si Yuan stopped Feng Wu in a grove when she was about to walk out of the school gate .

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Feng Wu looked up at the teenager .

He wore an azure blue brocade robe, had a pair of cold eyes, and stared at her with an emotionless face .

It had to be said that the teenager was exceptional in both his appearance and demeanor, and one could tell right away that he was from a noble family . Most teenage girls would probably fall for his unapproachable aura .

However, Feng Wu only looked at him in bewilderment .

“Feng Wu —” The teenager stared at her and cut to the chase . He was very direct . “Be my girl . ”


Feng Wu was dumbfounded by that request and had the strangest look on her face .

“What did you say?” Feng Wu asked involuntarily, thinking that she was hearing things .

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Keeping his gaze on Feng Wu, Si Yuan stressed each word and said earnestly, “Be my girl and I’ll help you call off the duel . ”

Feng Wu blinked innocently . “…Who are you?”

The simple question baffled Si Yuan .

Si Yuan frowned, the ends of his eyebrows drooped, and he looked displeased . “…You don’t know who I am?”

She had met him before, but didn’t know who he was? Si Yuan felt as if his heart was being squeezed by a big hand, and he was very disgruntled .

Feng Wu shook her head . “Nope . ”

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