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Chapter 1152: 1152
Chapter 1152 Feng Wu Will Definitely Lose Chief Yu frowned . “You can’t do that . Feng Wu isn’t on the billboard yet, and she should —”However, Feng Wu only said with a smile, “Alright . ”


Everyone stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

Had she lost her mind?! Where did she get the courage to fight Xuanyuan Yi?!

Xuanyuan Yi stared at Feng Wu . “By that, I mean a battle to the death!”

A battle to the death?!

Everyone in the office sucked in their breaths .

Qiao Yi’s eyes flickered, for she was very satisfied with Xuanyuan Yi’s suggestion .

“No . ” Chief Yu frowned . “That’s too unfair to Feng Wu . ”

It was common knowledge that Feng Wu hadn’t even made it into the first 1000 on the Year 1 billboard . How could she possibly fight Xuanyuan Yi, who was 300th on the billboard?

Not to mention that it was a battle to the death .

However, Xuanyuan Yi only stared at Feng Wu with grim, emotionless eyes . “Do you dare fight me or not?”

Feng Wu smiled . “Sure . ”

She said it in such a casual tone that everyone sucked in their breaths!

Chief Yu tugged at Feng Wu . “Do you even know what a battle to the death is? Don’t say yes to things you don’t understand!”

Feng Wu pouted . “Isn’t it the type of battle where the two parties sign an agreement beforehand that they’ll leave their lives to fate, and promise that no one will be incriminated afterward?”

Chief Yu fell silent . So, the girl really did know .

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Xuanyuan Yi nodded . “Tomorrow at this time . I’ll see you in the battle royale arena . ”

He turned and left after that .

As soon as he was gone, Qiao Yi gave Feng Wu a “you idiot” look and smiled sarcastically . She didn’t say anything, and only kept her taunting gaze on Feng Wu .

Feng Wu ignored her and simply said to Chief Yu, “Miss Yu, I would like to become an independent day student . ”

The so-called day student lived at home, whereas an independent day student could study at home, and only went to school for exams and tests .

As soon as Feng Wu said the words, everyone was astonished yet again .

Usually, when students got admitted into Imperial College, they never wanted to step outside school grounds, for Imperial College was a complicated cultivation formation itself .

Given Imperial College’s dense spiritual essence, cultivating here was at least 50% more efficient than doing it outside .

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Many people had been astonished when Feng Wu applied to become a day student back then, but she wanted to become an independent day student now? That was so —

“Nonsense!” Chief Yu frowned . “Feng Wu, have you lost your mind? Do you know how capable Xuanyuan Yi is? How could you say yes?”

Feng Wu smiled . “Miss Yu, I’d like to become an independent day student . ”

Chief Yu patted Feng Wu on the head . “You’ll be dead tomorrow . You won’t be a student of any kind!”

Feng Wu said, “If I win, do I get to become an independent day student?”

Chief Yu rolled her eyes at Feng Wu, thinking that she had never met a more carefree girl before .

Feng Wu left with a smile .

Feng Wu didn’t tell anyone, but —

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The other students were bound to hear the news .

Even if Feng Wu wanted to keep it a secret, Xuanyuan Yi wouldn’t allow it .

Blue Cloud Court .

“What?! Feng Wu and Xuanyuan Yi are going to fight to the death?”

“No way?! And Feng Wu said yes? Is she not afraid of death at all?”

“When Xuanyuan Yi took the test last time, he made it into the top 300 without breaking a sweat!”

“Feng Wu isn’t even in the first 900, is she?”

“That’s because she didn’t show up for the test . ”

“That’s because she didn’t dare show up for the test . ”

“Anyway, I think Feng Wu is definitely going to lose . ”

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