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Published at 7th of October 2020 03:25:09 PM
Chapter 1143: 1143
Chapter 1143 Is the Broken Star Piece That Important to You? Jun Linyuan flicked her forehead with his finger . “You money-grubber!”Feng Wu tugged at his wide sleeve . In order to obtain more benefits for Chaoge and the others, Feng Wu could forget all about her dignity . Getting what she wanted was her priority .

“Your Royal Highness, you’ll compensate me for my loss, won’t you?” Feng Wu swayed his arm back and forth .

“Your Royal Highness?” Jun Linyuan snorted .

“Brother Jun~” Feng Wu took the hint right away!

Jun Linyuan glanced at her, then gave a reluctant grunt .

Naturally, Feng Wu wouldn’t let such a great opportunity go to waste . She immediately took out that translucent stone and showed it to Jun Linyuan .

“Your Royal Highness… I mean, Brother Jun, have a look at this stone . Is there anything unusual about it?”

Jun Linyuan glanced at the stone, then turned his cold gaze to Feng Wu . The look in his eyes reminded one of the night sky, which was a mystery that couldn’t be comprehended .

Feng Wu looked confused .

Jun Linyuan snorted . “So, you really did hold something back . ”

Instantly, Feng Wu realized what Jun Linyuan meant, and involuntarily tried to put the stone back into her pocket, but —

Jun Linyuan moved quickly and took action first as he grabbed the stone .

“Give it back to me!”

Feng Wu jumped up, trying to take it back .

The stone would lead her to the broken star piece, which was something she cherished more than her own life . She wouldn’t let anything happen to the stone!

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Jun Linyuan raised his hand when Feng Wu jumped at him to grab the stone . Needless to say, she fell right into Jun Linyuan’s arms .

Feng Wu wanted to stand up, but realized that she was restrained and couldn’t get up no matter what . She snapped, “Jun Linyuan!”

Jun Linyuan snorted . “Do you want to know the secret of this stone or not?”

“Yes!” A wild cat only a moment ago, Feng Wu turned all gentle and tender the next moment . Holding Jun Linyuan’s arm, she pleaded, “Brother Jun, please tell me . Please~”

The crown prince shifted, then tapped his left shoulder with his right fist .

That was too obvious a hint to be missed .

In an obsequious manner, Feng Wu started massaging Jun Linyuan’s shoulders .

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As a Supreme Level medicine refiner, Feng Wu had unparalleled skills in identifying pressure points, and was an expert in exerting just the right amount of power . As soon as she started working, Jun Linyuan felt pleased right away .

“How’s that? Does it feel good?” Feng Wu asked obsequiously .

For the sake of the broken star piece, sucking up to the crown prince was nothing .

Jun Linyuan made a vague sound . “Not bad . ”

Feng Wu opened a hidden door in the wall of the carriage and pulled out a small square table which had a mini tea stove made from red clay on it . Feng Wu carefully poured a cup of tea, and only handed it to Jun Linyuan when the temperature was right . “Your Royal Highness, would you like some tea?”

Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu . The teenage girl had exquisite features and flushed cheeks . With her eyes lowered like this, she looked so docile . She reminded him of a delicate bud covered with spring morning dew and which gave off a refreshing scent .

When she made an effort to play up to someone, she could be very irresistible .

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“How’s the tea? It’s not too hot, is it?” Feng Wu’s smile was a little scary in Jun Linyuan’s eyes now .

Darting a grumpy look at her, Jun Linyuan patted the empty spot next to him .

Feng Wu sat next to him right away . What she failed to notice was how close that put her to Jun Linyuan .

She looked eagerly at Jun Linyuan, then turned her nervous gaze on the translucent stone . As much as she wanted to ask, she was able to keep her silence .

“Is the broken star piece that important to you?” Jun Linyuan asked all of a sudden .

Feng Wu was ready for some explanation from the young master here, but was rendered speechless by the question .

The expression on Jun Linyuan’s handsome, well-defined face —

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