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Chapter 1142: 1142
Chapter 1142 A Sweet Scene Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu with his brooding eyes which reminded one of the starry sky . He didn’t blink . His eyes were so bright that they seemed to see through one’s deepest secrets . It was impossible to hide anything from him .

Feng Wu gritted her teeth . “I don’t have anything left . You only arrived afterward . Even if we should divide the spoils between us, you’re already getting a very big share . ”

Jun Linyuan wouldn’t be persuaded . His face was still as good-looking as a god’s, but a dark storm was brooding in his eyes .

He reached out and let his wide sleeve gently slide over the so-called treasures .

Crack, crack, crack —

There came the sound of things breaking apart .

Feng Wu’s eyes widened involuntarily when she saw this .

No way!

She watched as the treasures that she had forced herself to give away turned to ash as Jun Linyuan’s sleeve brushed over them .

They were all gone! Every single one of them!

“Jun Linyuan!” Feng Wu stared at Jun Linyuan in disbelief .

He had pressed her so hard just then that she thought he wanted his share of the spoils . She had been complaining in her head, but as it turned out —

“You wastrel! Do you have any idea how much these treasures are worth? You’ve destroyed them all! All of them…” Feng Wu was almost in tears .

For she had had plans for quite a few of the items . Some were for Chaoge, and some for Qiuling, Uncle Qiu, and the rest…

“Jun Linyuan, I’m going to kick your ass!” Feng Wu was infuriated .

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However, his eyes were so frightening . They reminded her of a dark, raging storm as the scent of blood filled the air . One would shiver with fear when they looked at those eyes, and the next thing they knew, they were giving in…

“Aren’t you going to ask me why?” Jun Linyuan stared at her .

Despite being intimidated, Feng Wu wouldn’t let it drop . “Why?”

Jun Linyuan gave off a frightening energy . “Put yourself in such a dangerous situation again and there will be consequences . ”

Feng Wu wanted to retort, but…

She couldn’t help but go over the entire incident in her head . Ever since she came up with a plan to get close to the Xuanyuan family, she had always been at a disadvantage, yet had taken action anyway .

Jun Linyuan’s cruel voice rang out in her ears . “You wanted information on that second broken star piece, didn’t you?”

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Feng Wu gritted her teeth .

Jun Linyuan sounded disappointed . “Didn’t I tell you that I know where it is? Why didn’t you come to me?”

Feng Wu still said nothing .

Jun Linyuan jabbed Feng Wu’s forehead with a finger . “Do you know what kind of person Xuanyuan Kun is? He’s fought numerous wars and narrowly escaped death more times than you can count! He has more ruthlessness in his little finger than you have in your entire body, and capability-wise, you don’t stand a chance! Why would you provoke him? Do you have a death wish?!”

God knew how Jun Linyuan had felt when Feng Xun sent Mu the Sixth to fetch him earlier . His head had gone completely blank, and he almost tripped when he flew toward the Xuanyuan Mansion!

Feng Wu was almost in tears as Jun Linyuan jabbed her forehead, and she stared at Jun Linyuan with a pout .

With a stern look on his face, the crown prince scolded her . “Do you admit that you were wrong?!’

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Feng Wu said, “Yes…”

The crown prince said, “Are you ashamed of yourself or not?”

Feng Wu said, “Yes, I am…”

Jun Linyuan asked, “Will you do it again?”

Feng Wu lowered her head and apologized like a little wife . “No, I won’t . ”

Jun Linyuan grunted . The stubborn girl was always quick to admit her mistakes, but she would repeat them all over again as soon as he turned his head . She never learned!

Staring at Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu mumbled quietly, “But even if that’s the case, you didn’t have to destroy all my treasures… They were really expensive stuff!”

Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes at her . “You call them treasures?”

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up . “So, you’re going to compensate me for my loss, right?!”

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