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Chapter 1141: 1141
Chapter 1141 So Mad! However, in Feng Wu’s eyes, this guy was the most abominable!He was such a boor!

Feng carried out all of Jun Linyuan’s commands without question . In one swift movement, the carriage turned 180 degrees around on the narrow road .

Jun Linyuan was quite capable of doing something like sending Feng Wu back to the Xuanyuan family!

Feng Wu caught Jun Linyuan’s hand right away and gave him a pleading look .

Jun Linyuan raised his chin proudly, and his well-defined profile was breathtaking .

He glanced at Feng Wu, then raised his voice and complained to the coachman, “Why are we moving so slowly?”

Whoosh —

Instantly, the carriage picked up speed, as if it had grown wings!

Feng Wu grunted, lost her balance, and fell into Jun Linyuan’s arms head first . Thump —

Her head smashed into Jun Linyuan’s chin .

Jun Linyuan didn’t seem affected at all . Feng Wu, on the other hand, had tears in her eyes from the pain, and kept gasping .

But the pain was the last thing on her mind now . Grabbing Jun Linyuan’s hand, she said, “Tell Feng to stop now!”

At this speed, they would reach the Xuanyuan Mansion in a matter of minutes .

However, that arrogant look stayed on Jun Linyuan’s god-like, handsome face, and he only glanced at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu could only give in . “Fine, fine . You want a share of the spoils? You can have it!”

She then searched her space with her mental power, and realized that all ten items were real treasures .

What else could they be? Old Master Xuanyuan had been furious when he realized that they had been stolen .

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Parting with any of them would break his heart!

Feng Wu was at the disadvantage here, however, and she could only take a lamp out, which she handed to Jun Linyuan .

It was a corniced lamp with nine dangling beads . Despite its ordinary appearance, it contained a formation . Holding this lamp, one would always find their way inside any common formation .

A rough calculation convinced Feng Wu that this lamp was quite valuable . It was worth ten houses at least, courtyards included .

Yet it was the least valuable of the ten items, which was why Feng Wu had picked it out for Jun Linyuan .

The crown prince only darted an indifferent look at Feng Wu, and couldn’t be bothered to take the lamp .

Feng Wu could only quietly put the lamp down next to Jun Linyuan .

Staring at Feng Wu with his brooding black eyes, Jun Linyuan said in a deep, husky voice, “Is that all?”

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Feng Wu wanted to say yes, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out that losing an item like this wouldn’t have driven Old Master Xuanyuan mad .

Gritting her teeth, Feng Wu felt heartbroken over what she had to do, but she had no choice but to take out the second least valuable item . “There you go . ”

It was a box of pills . They were top quality Supreme Level breakthrough pills, and there was a whole box of them, which had probably been prepared for the most important children of the Xuanyuan clan .

Jun Linyuan gestured at her, telling her to put it on the side . “Keep going . ”

Feng Wu was so furious that smoke was practically coming out of her ears . “Your Royal Highness, you’re being greedy here . I only have a few items, and I’ve already given you two . You —”

Jun Linyuan said, “Feng, are we taking a walk or what?”

Instantly, the carriage picked up speed, and cold wind made a whooshing sound in their ears .

Feng Wu: !!!

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“Alright! I don’t like it, but I’ll give you another one!”

Feng Wu took out a third one .

However, with the third came the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth… Feng Wu kept taking more things out until she was completely pissed!

Because there were only three items left!

The first one was Fallen Star Stone, an essential material for forging the Fallen Star Sword .

The second piece was flexible armor made from gold wire . It would be perfect for the beautiful lady .

And the third piece was that mysterious stone . Feng Wu had a hunch that it had something to do with the broken star piece .

“I don’t have anything left! I don’t! Hand me over to the Xuanyuan family if you want!” Hopeless, Feng Wu gave up altogether . She glared at Jun Linyuan!

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