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Chapter 1140
Chapter 1140 Give It to Me! That face was so tempting and breathtaking . One’s resolve would waver just by looking at it . They would forget to say no and be lost in it .


Feng Wu shoved Jun Linyuan away, then swiftly rolled out of his arms . However, with the blood loss and her exhausted mental power, the result of her action was —

With a loud thump, Feng Wu hit the wall of the carriage, which bounced her back into Jun Linyuan’s arms .

“Pfft —”

The crown prince had kept his face straight, but seeing this, he snickered, and the smile reached his eyes .

“Are you playing hard to get now?” Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu in an insouciant manner .

Feng Wu’s cheeks flushed with anger . “No, I’m not!”

Jun Linyuan said, “Didn’t you just throw yourself into my arms?”

Feng Wu’s face turned redder . “No! I didn’t! I didn’t do that!”

Seeing her squirm around in his arms like a little hamster, Jun Linyuan couldn’t help but chuckled again .

Outside, Feng, who was driving the carriage, smiled as well .

The crown prince had been poker-faced since he was little, and as a strict and serious royal prince, he had never laughed like this before .

The crown prince was the same around other people, but when Feng Wu was around, he seemed like a different person – like a real person .

Feng looked up at the sky .

A flock of white birds flew overhead . The sky was clear and bright, and the air smelled pure and fresh .

It was so good to be young .

Inside, Feng Wu wasn’t aware of Feng’s emotions . She was busy glaring at Jun Linyuan with flushed cheeks .

Jun Linyuan, on the other hand, crossed his arms and looked very proud . “You owe me one . ”

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Hearing that, Feng Wu, who had buried her head in Jun Linyuan’s arms like an ostrich, looked up instantly at those words and asked in a serious tone, “How do I owe you one?”

Jun Linyuan flicked Feng Wu’s forehead with a finger . “If I hadn’t rescued you in time, you’d already be mentally crippled now . ”

Feng Wu mumbled, “I didn’t ask you to save me . ”

Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu with a half-smile . “So, do you want me to take you back to the Xuanyuan Mansion?”

Feng Wu: !!!

Jun Linyuan’s expression was casual as he looked at her . Feng Wu gritted her teeth and realized that she had to answer that question .

She could only snort feebly . “Fine . Whatever you say . ”

With her head lowered and the way she bit her lower lip pitifully like a puppy dog, the girl looked especially adorable .

The crown prince’s big, warm palm was about to land on her head, when she just happened to raise it .

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His palm made contact with her head with a crisp sound .

Feng Wu covered her head . “Why did you hit me?!”

Jun Linyuan was speechless .

Ahem . Of course he wouldn’t tell her that he had only been about to rub her head . The girl would become too complacent if she knew that . Hmph!

“Why did you hit me?!” Feng Wu pressed .

The crown prince had no choice but to change the subject .

“Give it to me . ” He stretched out his hand .

“What?” Feng Wu looked baffled .

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With his bright black eyes, Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu without blinking . “That old man’s private collection . ”

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

Those were all real treasures, which she had plans for!

Ever since she paid those hitmen to kill Zuo Qingliu, she had almost no money left . She was broke .

“I have no idea what you’re talking about . ” Feng Wu snorted, then looked away .

“Feng, take us back to the Xuanyuan Mansion . ”

Leaning against the carriage wall, Jun Linyuan raised his eyebrows slightly . His face was already breathtakingly beautiful, and this expression only added to it .

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