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Chapter 1139: 1139
Chapter 1139 He“s So Beautiful that He Makes One Want to Sin Jun Linyan was still holding her even after they got into the carriage . Lady Northern Feng and Feng Xun exchanged looks, and the lady was astonished!Watching the carriage drive away with Feng acting as the coachman himself, Lady Northern Feng said, “They, they…”

Feng Xun nodded .

Lady Northern Feng was still in a trance-like state even after they got into their own carriage .

“This can’t be happening… It just can’t…” Lady Northern Feng rubbed her forehead, which was starting to throb painfully . “This is Jun Linyuan we’re talking about here…”

In the Junwu Empire, the name Jun Linyuan was synonymous with transcendence, and was unmatched and omnipotent .

Feng Xun rubbed his nose . “I didn’t believe it myself at first, but… Boss Jun likes her, so what can we do?”

Lady Northern Feng sounded on edge . “What do you mean ‘what can we do’? His Royal Highness isn’t a good choice for her!”

Feng Xun looked at Lady Northern Feng in bewilderment . “Mum, are you against it?”

Lady Northern Feng stared at Feng Xun as if she was looking at an idiot . “Of course I am! Don’t tell me you like the idea . ”

Feng Xun looked confused . “But, Mum, didn’t you tell Xiao Wu to get along well with Boss Jun and cherish this great patron?”

“That’s not the same thing!” Lady Northern Feng was a little agitated . “You do know who His Royal Highness is, right? He’s going to be our future emperor . ”

“Of course he is . ”

Lady Northern Feng went on . “I have no doubt that he’ll be the most competent emperor, who will lead us into a new and prosperous era . Someone like that will be a great ruler, but not a great husband . ”

Feng Xun glared at her . “Why can’t Boss Jun be a great husband?”

Lady Northern Feng snorted and asked grumpily, “Tell me, is he going to fill his palace with concubines?”

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Feng Xun said, “Well… that’s a common thing for emperors, no?”

Lady Northern Feng said, “Yes, it is . So, do you want your sister to spend her life crying in her bedchamber alone until morning?”

Feng Xun said, “Well… don’t you think you’re thinking a little too far ahead?”

Lady Northern Feng replied, “My silly son, a person without distant care will encounter immediate sorrow!”

Feng Xun rubbed his nose . “But Xiao Wu is a beautiful girl . ”

Lady Northern Feng snorted . “Xiao Wu certainly is, but men always want something new, and their love never lasts . Plus, with someone as talented and prominent as Jun Linyuan, women will only throw themselves at him .

“And there’s the empress dowager . Do you think she’ll stop sending women to Jun Linyuan’s bed?”

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Feng Xun rubbed his nose .

Lady Northern Feng added, “Not to mention that Zuo Qingluan . Everyone has been going on and on about Zuo Qingluan being the perfect match for His Royal Highness . I don’t know who started saying it, but the news has been spreading more and more over the years . ”

Feng Xun couldn’t agree more .

Lady Northern Feng put on a long face . “I wonder what Xiao Wu thinks about the whole thing… but she seems quite level-headed . ”

Feng Xun nodded . “I thought Xiao Wu was into Boss Jun before, but I was mistaken . Xiao Wu can’t get far away from him enough . ”

Lady Northern Feng said, “That’s the right thing to do . You, hurry up . ”


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Lady Northern Feng pushed Feng Xun out of the carriage . “The two of them are alone in that carriage, and that’s not appropriate at all! This won’t do Xiao Wu’s reputation any good if she doesn’t want to marry him . So, go ride with them . Quickly . ”

Feng Xun wanted to say no, for Boss Jun was so frightening; he didn’t want this job .

However, his mother could be just as frightening when she got mad . Feng Xun was conflicted .

Meanwhile, in the carriage up ahead, Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan were in a stalemate .

Looking up from where she was lying in his arms, Feng Wu could see Jun Linyuan’s dark, straight eyebrows, sparkling black eyes, and fair cheeks . He looked as handsome as a god .

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