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Chapter 1132
Chapter 1132 No One Is Leaving! But one of the treasures was more important than his life!That was why Old Master Xuanyuan had such a frantic reaction!

The old man struck out right away!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The eighteen knights were all mighty cultivators .

But the Xuanyuan family wasn’t without powerful cultivators . On the contrary, they had more of those than one could count . For instance —

All eighteen elders who had been hiding in the dark jumped out of their hiding places .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Fighting broke out everywhere .

What a chaotic scene —

Seeing that things were getting messy, the onlookers all turned to leave .

However, Old Master Xuanyuan bellowed, “No on leaves! Xuanyuan Yu, close off the passageway! Kill anyone who tries to leave!”

Those were some very harsh words!

What on earth was going on here?

The guests exchanged looks and everyone looked confused and terrified .

The eighteen elders and eighteen knights of Northern Feng Mansion fought in the air, and neither side could get the upper hand .

Old Master Xuanyuan, on the other hand, went directly for Feng Wu .

Lady Northern Feng stood ramrod straight in front of Feng Wu like a mother hen guarding its chick .

She was furious . “Don’t you dare touch my Xiao Wu! Over my dead body!”

Old Master Xuanyuan’s bloodshot eyes couldn’t see anything else . With a wave of his hand, Lady Northern Feng was brushed aside .

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Lady Northern Feng couldn’t stop stumbling forward at the impact . Luckily, Granny Tao reacted quickly and caught her in time, preventing her from suffering any injury .

Meanwhile, Old Master Xuanyuan was staring at Feng Wu with his cold eyes, and he reached out with his strong right arm .

He opened his hand and wrapped it around Feng Wu’s thin, fair neck with a vise-like grip .

“Hm —”

Feng Wu was lifted off the ground until her feet dangled in the air .

This was so dangerous!

Instantly, Feng Wu realized that her air was cut off . She couldn’t breathe .

She was being suffocated .

Instinctively, Feng Wu’s legs kicked around . Her face turned a bluish purple color and her pupils began to dilate…

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Lady Northern Feng was sick with worry!

She ran up to the old man in a frantic state . “Put her down! Put her down now! You’re going to kill her!”

Old Master Xuanyuan stared at Feng Wu and bellowed, “Speak! Where did you hide them?!”

By then, Xuanyuan Yi had rushed into the inner room, and he ran out with a look of disbelief on his face .

“It’s gone… All the treasure inside is gone…”

His grandfather had shown the room to him before, telling him that everything inside would be his one day . But just like that, they were all gone .

“Cough —”

Feng Wu wanted to speak, but no air would enter her lungs . She pointed at her mouth, indicating that she wanted to say something .

The old man snorted, then tossed Feng Wu onto the ground . He said furiously, “Spill!”

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“Cough, cough —” Feng Wu coughed violently and gasped for air .

Rushing over, Lady Northern Feng wrapped her arms around Feng Wu, feeling so sorry for the girl . She then shot a warning glance at the old man . “This isn’t over! Northern Feng Mansion will get to the bottom of this!”

The Old Master wouldn’t even glance at Lady Northern Feng . He kept his gaze on Feng Wu .

Feng Wu knew that she couldn’t reveal anything about the treasure, or there would be consequences .

“Speak!” Old Master Xuanyuan bellowed .

Feng Wu lay in Lady Northern Feng’s arms, but kept her gaze on the old man . With a pale face, she asked weakly, “I don’t know what to tell you . ”

The old man said, “Where did you hide all the treasure that was in that room? Speak!”

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