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Chapter 1128: 1128
Chapter 1128 Untitled Xuanyuan Ying panicked and involuntarily tried to catch the yellow parrot . However, the bird seemed to be an expert at dodging, and the next moment, it was on Feng Wu’s shoulder . It mimicked Feng Wu’s voice . “Actually, I’m not that into the Bright Dragon Soil . ”

The others were all baffled .

Xuanyuan Ying had turned frantic, and she yelled at the top of her lungs, “Catch the bird! Catch it! Ahhhh —”

However, as soon as the people of the Xuanyuan family tried to move, Lady Northern Feng’s guards stopped them .

The yellow parrot went on with its performance .

It said in Xuanyuan Ying’s voice, “I know, Sister Xiao Wu . You never wanted to come, but I forced you to come with me . Right?”

Then there came Feng Wu’s voice . “Yes . ”

Xuanyuan Ying couldn’t stand it anymore .

If she didn’t do something, the situation would only turn against her, and when that happened…

Flustered, Xuanyuan Ying wanted to snap the stupid bird’s neck . However, Feng Xun took action as soon as she stepped forward .

He caught Xuanyuan Ying, pinned her hands behind her back, then tied her up with Immortal-Restraining Rope and threw her on the ground with a thud .

Xuanyuan Ying cried loudly, “Kill the bird! Kill it now! It’s talking nonsense!”

The bird went on reciting the conversation .

Xuanyuan Ying’s voice rang out . “My grandpa isn’t here right now, so why don’t we take this opportunity to steal some of that soil for you? It’ll help you with your cultivation . ”

Then there was Feng Wu’s voice . “Steal the Bright Dragon Soil? That’s not what you told me earlier . You said we would just look at it . ”

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In Xuanyuan Ying’s voice: “A thief never leaves empty-handed . Haven’t you heard that before? Since we’re already here, you’d be a moron if you didn’t take some Bright Dragon Soil away with you while you’re at it . ”

In Feng Wu’s voice: “But it belongs to your grandfather . How can you steal from him?”

“No, don’t believe the bird! It’s making things up! Just kill it!” Xuanyuan Ying was still putting up one last struggle .

However, a lot of people besides the members of the Xuanyuan family knew that the yellow parrot belonged to Old Master Xuanyuan .

Because the old man often had such a parrot on his arm while he strolled around the campus of Imperial College .

Hence, everyone started discussing among themselves in whispers .

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“That’s not just any bird, but one that Old Master Xuanyuan raised himself; everyone knows it . You can’t make that up . ”

“So, Xuanyuan Ying really was lying . I didn’t expect that . She was just telling us that Feng Wu demanded to see the Bright Dragon Soil, but it turned out that she was the one who wanted to see it . ”

“Inverting justice and throwing mud at other people, this Miss Xuanyuan is quite the character . She’s such an expert liar for her age . ”

Hearing the criticism and ridicule, Xuanyuan Ying was so mad that she almost vomited blood .

Things weren’t working out the way she had planned .

“I didn’t do it! There’s something wrong with the bird! Feng Wu messed with it! I’m sure of it!”

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People might have believed Xuanyuan Ying at first, but a lot of them had now attested that this was indeed Old Master Xuanyuan’s bird…

What was Old Master Xuanyuan doing at that moment? Everyone looked for him, but he wasn’t here .

The bird went on talking .

All of a sudden!

The bird mimicked a thump .

“Feng Wu, did you really think I was going to take you to some treasure room? Hahaha —

“Xuanyuan Ying, you set me up! You led me into this trap! I’ll get back at you even if I turn into a ghost!

“You’re not going anywhere . Soon, you’ll wish you were dead!”

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