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Chapter 1127: 1127
Chapter 1127 Untitled This wasn’t supposed to happen!The original plan was that she would lead everyone here and they would all witness what Feng Wu and Zuo Qingliu were doing…

By then, no one would care how loudly Feng Wu cried or what she said, for no one would believe her!

But now —

Xuanyuan Ying didn’t expect to find Feng Wu lying in the secret room alone and unaffected by the aphrodisiac for the most part!

She didn’t know how to respond!

Hence, all Xuanyuan Ying could do now was deny it affirmatively!

She said, “No! I didn’t lock you up here! Feng Wu, you’re making all that up!”

Feng Wu snorted . “Yes, you did! You locked me up here yourself and said you would send a man in to rape me! Luckily, I found your scheme out soon enough, or my reputation would have been ruined by now!”

Xuanyuan Ying said, “If you’re out to condemn someone, you can trump up a charge however you please!”

Feng Wu asked, “Xuanyuan Ying, are you going to keep denying it?”

Xuanyuan Ying said, “I didn’t do anything to you! Why should I admit it?”

After taking a breath, she went on, “Feng Wu, I know I offended you earlier, but didn’t I already apologize to you? Why are you still trying to frame me?”

Feng Wu smirked . “So, you’re saying that I locked myself up in this secret room, drugged myself with an aphrodisiac, then cut my own wrist open to win everyone’s confidence?”

Xuanyuan Ying said, “You said all that, not me . ”

For a moment, everyone eyed both Feng Wu and Xuanyuan Ying suspiciously, not knowing who to trust .

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Feng Wu said, “What if I said that I have proof?”

Xuanyuan Ying said, “Do whatever you want with me if you can show us proof . I didn’t do it, so bring it on! You don’t scare me!”

Feng Wu gritted her teeth .

Xuanyuan Ying took that as a sign of Feng Wu’s guilty conscience and retorted right away, “Didn’t you say you have proof? Show us! Don’t tell me those were just empty words!”

Lowering her head and clenching her fists, Feng Wu looked unsure of herself .

Xuanyuan Ying became aggressive . “You’re making the whole thing up, saying that I tried to set you up! I’m a good, innocent girl from a good family, and I’ll get married one day . Even if I can forgive you for ruining my reputation like this, the Xuanyuan family won’t!”

What Xuanyuan Ying said put the entire Xuanyuan family on her side .

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As expected, the other members of the Xuanyuan family chimed in .

Xuanyuan Xueyue was especially loud .

She had been keeping a frustrated silence for a while; of course she wouldn’t let go of such a great opportunity .

Hence, Xuanyuan Xueyue smirked . “That’s right . Show us your proof, or admit that you tried to set her up! It’s all an act!”

Feng Wu looked like she was going to vomit blood from frustration . She swayed, as if she was going to collapse .

Infuriated, Feng Xun wanted to rush out and beat those people up .

However, at that moment, a yellow bird flew in and landed on Xuanyuan Ying’s shoulder .

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It mimicked Xuanyuan Ying’s voice and said, “Sister Xiao Wu, let’s be straight . I offended you earlier and I’ve now taken you here to see the Bright Dragon Soil . We’re even after this . You can’t hold me accountable anymore . ”

Everyone was astonished!

Since the parrot just happened to be sitting on Xuanyuan Ying’s shoulder, everyone else thought that the words were coming out of Xuanyuan Ying’s own mouth!

Hearing that, Xuanyuan Ying was dumbfounded .

Those were the exact words she had said to Feng Wu earlier, and this bird had recited the whole thing . It sounded exactly like Xuanyuan Ying herself!

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