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Chapter 1126: 1126
Chapter 1126 Untitled

Xuanyuan Ying, Zuo Qingyu, and Dugu Yamo also rushed in like cannonballs, running so fast that no one had time to stop them .

The rest of the onlookers were all wealthy, respectable people whom Xuanyuan Yu couldn’t exactly stop .

As a result, almost everyone went inside after that .

Instantly, the tunnel was almost blocked . Luckily, there was an open space right outside the secret room which was wide enough to fit everyone .

Meanwhile, Old Master Xuanyuan was unlocking the door to the secret room, his eyes narrowed and a stern look on his face!

Xuanyuan Ying turned her head and exchanged looks with Zuo Qingyu and the others . Their eyes shone with excitement!

They had planned for so long just for this moment!

Once that door was opened, Feng Wu’s reputation would be in the mud!

It would be a traumatizing event for a woman, but for a man, it would be no more than another romantic affair .

Zuo Qingyu’s plan was to have Zuo Qingliu take Feng Wu back to the Zuo family afterward, but of course not as his wife . She would merely be a concubine .

Once Feng Wu was in the Zuo family, she would be at their mercy .

Zuo Qingyu was still savoring her plan when, with a click —

The door to the secret room opened .

A wave of hot air blasted them as soon as the door opened, and a streak of blood flowed out…


Had Zuo Qingliu gone too far and killed Feng Wu?

Xuanyuan Ying and Zuo Qingyu exchanged startled looks .

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But soon, they realized that something was off .

Feng Wu lay on the ground in her pretty dress, and fresh red blood flowed down her wrist and toward the door .

Her dress was pristine and neat, and she didn’t look a bit like someone who had just been raped .

This wasn’t right!

Xuanyuan Ying and Zuo Qingyu gave each other confused looks .

Where was Zuo Qingliu?!

Xuanyuan Ying and Zuo Qingyu ran into the room right away .

However, the secret room was only ten square meters in size and was void of any furniture . One could tell with a glance that it was completely empty .

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“Where’s Zuo Qingliu?!” Grabbing Zuo Qingyu, Xuanyuan Ying wanted to throttle the latter .

She thought they had a deal! The plan was to have Zuo Qingliu rape Feng Wu!

Zuo Qingyu looked equally dumbfounded .

She had gone over the plan with Zuo Qingliu and he had agreed to everything . But where was he?

Meanwhile, Lady Northern Feng and Feng Xun had already rushed in . Holding Feng Wu up, Feng Xun asked anxiously, “Xiao Wu, what happened? Why is your hand bleeding?”

Feng Wu said in a weak, broken voice, “Get out… This secret room… has poison…”

Hearing that, those who wanted to enter all stepped back involuntarily .

“What poison?” asked Lady Northern Feng .

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Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “Spring Breeze Powder, an aphrodisiac . Unfortunately…”

“You’re the only one here?” Lady Northern Feng gritted her teeth .

She was no fool, and could tell that this was the sort of trap that women often used to set one another up . At that thought, Lady Northern Feng threw a dirty look at Xuanyuan Ying .

“I was trapped here and didn’t have an antidote on me, so I had to cut my wrist and let the toxin flow out with my blood . It helped a lot with easing the sickening effect…”

An aphrodisiac?!

Feng Wu had been locked up here and drugged with an aphrodisiac?!

“Who locked you in here? Who?!” Lady Northern Feng gritted her teeth in rage .

Feng Wu pointed at Xuanyuan Ying without hesitation .

Right now, Xuanyuan Ying was utterly flustered!

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