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Chapter 1122: 1122
Chapter 1122 Where is the Lead on the Broken Star Piece? “You — why can you still think straight?” Zuo Qingliu stared at Feng Wu . Feng Wu smiled coldly .

Miss Fengqi created the Spring Breeze Powder? Said who?

It had in fact been one of Feng Wu’s experiments .

Back then, Feng Wu had thought that if aphrodisiacs had to exist in this world, why couldn’t it be something she made?

If she could achieve perfection in an aphrodisiac of her making, would she be able to control people with it so as to extract information?

Feng Wu, who had only been seven or eight then, began to develop that idea into a business .

She didn’t expect the Spring Breeze Powder to actually become a top-notch aphrodisiac . However… she had handed the drug to Uncle Qin back then . How did Miss Fengqi come into the picture?

It seemed it was time for her to pay Uncle Qin a visit .

When Feng Wu created the drug back then, she had wondered if something like this would happen to her when she grew up, given how many enemies she had . She didn’t expect the notion to turn out to be a prophecy .

Since Feng Wu had created the drug, she naturally had a cure for it .

But Zuo Qingliu didn’t know that . He stared at Feng Wu with eyes filled with disbelief!

Zuo Qingliu asked, “Why aren’t you drugged? Shouldn’t the drug almost be taking full effect now?”

“It’s so hot…” Zuo Qingliu kept tearing at his clothes, wishing that he could jump Feng Wu .

But Feng Wu kept Zuo Qingliu down on the ground and stepped on him .

She shook her head . Time was of the essence, and she had no time to waste on Zuo Qingliu here .

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She knocked Zuo Qingliu unconscious .

She had only been putting on an act for Zuo Qingliu when she couldn’t find the door earlier .

In fact, Feng Wu never trusted Xuanyuan Ying from the start . As soon as that girl led her away, Feng Wu had been on guard .

Feng Wu had figured out that it was a Seven Star Formation while she was in the tunnel . This dark room was only a cover for the real core of the formation .

That was to say, the dark room was fake, and the real core was elsewhere .

To someone who didn’t know anything about formations, there was no way out of this square dark room, but Feng Wu wasn’t just anybody .

Her fingers moved in an indescribable way . She then stepped on three spots on the ground, and knocked on the wall seven times .

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What was more, the time interval between knocks varied, and she used a different amount of strength each time .

After three stomps and seven knocks, there was a click .

A door slowly opened .

But it wasn’t the one which Xuanyuan Ying had led her through .

Even Xuanyuan Ying herself probably didn’t know about this particular door .

Feng Wu walked through the real secret door, and soon saw the genuine treasure room .

“Well, Xuanyuan Ying, thank you for showing me this great place . ”

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Feng Wu’s top priority now was to look for leads on the broken star piece . Everything else could wait .

The treasure room wasn’t packed . However, as a place for treasures, it was quality rather than quantity which counted .

Glancing around the room, Feng Wu saw secret scrolls of the Xuanyuan family, manuals, weapons, the Bright Dragon Soil, and an unknown stone…

It reminded her of a cobblestone, which glistened warmly like white jade and had a very refreshing-looking translucent texture .

What a treasure .

However —

After scanning the entire room with her eyes, Feng Wu didn’t see anything else of interest .

Where was that clue for the broken star piece? Feng Wu scratched her head .

Whatever . She decided that she would take everything and study them carefully after she got back home . If she couldn’t find the clue this time, she would visit Old Master Xuanyuan again .

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