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Chapter 1110: 1110
Chapter 1110 Lady Cai Lady Cai thought she was going to lose her mind!God!

She was a lady from a famous family and had never been humiliated like this before!

After several people helped her to her feet, Lady Cai glared at Lady Northern Feng . “You — you’ve crossed the line!”

With her hands on her waist, Lady Northern Feng acted all tough . “You bullied my Xiao Wu . That’s why I pushed you! What? You have a problem with that?!”

She was so fierce…

Everyone had held their breaths since Lady Northern Feng showed up, and no one dared to intervene .

Lady Cai wasn’t alone . Next to her, Mrs Zuo couldn’t help but interject, “Lady Northern Feng, don’t you think you’ve crossed the line?”

With her hands on her waist, Lady Northern Feng threw a dirty look at Mrs Zuo . “Do you have a problem, then?!”

Mrs Zuo was speechless . All she did was murmur a little, and the woman turned on her!

The Zuo family enjoyed a high status in the imperial capital, but deep down, Mrs Zuo was still afraid of Lady Northern Feng . Gritting her teeth, she said, “I… I do have a problem . You’ve done the wrong thing . Can’t we point that out?”

Lady Northern Feng went up to Mrs Zuo, grabbed the latter’s hand, and dragged her out from behind Lady Cai!

She looked like she was picking up a chicken!

But it was Mrs Zuo!

A noble lady of the Zuo family!

It wasn’t just the Zuo family; everyone else in the hall also watched this in astonishment .

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Lady Northern Feng was so intimidating!

Grabbed by Lady Northern Feng, Mrs Zuo was utterly flustered . She yelled, “What are you doing? Put me down!”

How could someone be so unbridled and presumptuous?! After living her life as a respectable lady, Mrs Zuo never expected to deal with someone so unruly and unreasonable .

Putting Mrs Zuo down on the ground, Lady Northern Feng shoved the latter and made her stumble . “Tell me . What’s your problem with me?!”

Mrs Zuo was intimidated . “I…”

Lady Northern Feng shoved her again . “Say it!”

Mrs Zuo hated Lady Northern Feng, but the latter had taken control of the situation in her overbearing manner, and Mrs Zuo didn’t dare utter a word .

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“What did my Xiao Wu do? Are you proud of picking on her? Speak!” Lady Northern Feng said in an aggressive manner .

That was so fierce… Lady Northern Feng was so fierce .

But she was the prestigious Lady Northern Feng, and her status meant a lot . Since she was a favorite of Her Majesty the empress dowager, no one dared to offend her .

Mrs Zuo stumbled back a few steps at Lady Northern Feng’s push, but didn’t dare to say a word after that .

Before Mrs Zuo spoke earlier, several other ladies had tried to play up to Lady Cai by tackling Lady Northern Feng…

But now, almost everyone here realized that this Lady Northern Feng was a lunatic who didn’t play by the book . She was domineering and puffed up with inordinate arrogance!

Anyone who opposed her would be annihilated…

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Since no one wanted to become cannon fodder, no one dared to step out again .

Lady Northern Feng looked at each face in turn, but no one dared to meet her eyes . They all looked elsewhere, their eyes darting away…

Lady Northern Feng snorted and looked at Lady Cai again .

“Did you want to kick my Xiao Wu out just then? Apologize! Now!”

If Feng Xun had been very arrogant before, Lady Northern Feng acted like an invincible queen!

Lady Cai almost fainted with rage .

The Xuanyuan clan was one of the nine major clans, and Northern Feng Mansion was the most prominent noble family . The two families were of similar social status, but at that moment, Lady Cai was steadily losing ground to Lady Northern Feng .

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