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Chapter 1109: 1109
Chapter 1109 The Fierce Lady Northern Feng! Zuo Qingliu nodded discreetly . He was among those who had destroyed Feng Wu’s ability . He knew that if that damn girl rose again, she would definitely take revenge!

That was why Feng Wu had to die!

Those of the Xuanyuan family were the first to charge at Feng Wu .

Xuanyuan Ying had been slapped by Feng Xun and Steward Yan had been killed by Feng Wu . Since they were still in the Xuanyuan family’s territory, of course the family would try to settle the score .

Feng Wu could be a Spiritual Grandmaster at Level 6, 7, or 8 — it made no difference to these people .

“Kill her!” Xuanyuan Ze gave the order .

As the successor of the Xuanyuan family, that was how arrogant he was!

Instantly, two figures in black flew at Feng Wu like eagles with their wings spread out!

They were about to send out lethal strikes!


Someone arrived with rage like a tidal wave!

And everyone turned to look —


It was Lady Northern Feng!

And she didn’t come alone . The Eighteen Iron Knights in Black were behind her!

The Eighteen Iron Knights in Black were the fiercest and most formidable guards of Northern Feng Mansion . Every single one of them was a powerful cultivator!

All eighteen of them were capable enough to be generals, yet they worked as nothing more than the guards of Northern Feng Mansion!

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More importantly, the eighteen knights were a gift from Her Majesty the empress dowager and His Majesty the emperor when Lady Northern Feng married Northern Feng General .

When Lady Northern Feng went out, she would take at least two knights with her, and never more than four . But now, she had brought all eighteen of them here .


Feng Xun was excited to see Lady Northern Feng .

And he was reassured when he saw the eighteen Iron Knights .

Lady Northern Feng nodded at Feng Xun and Feng Wu, then turned her attention to Xuanyuan Ze .

Rushing over to Xuanyuan Ze in a threatening manner, Lady Northern Feng shoved him in the chest . “Master Xuanyuan, how bold of you . Did you just try to kill my Xiao Wu? How dare you!”

Lady Northern Feng was known for her ferocity, and everyone in the imperial capital was aware of her irascible temper . As soon as she arrived, every member of the Xuanyuan family felt a shadow over their heads .

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Poor Xuanyuan Ze, the father of Xuanyuan Yi . He was caught off guard when the furious Lady Northern Feng shoved him, and he took a step back .

“Cough, cough —” Xuanyuan Ze choked a little and started coughing .

Next to him, Lady Cai was flustered .

“Master, are you alright?” Lady Cai said anxiously .

Putting a hand over his chest, Xuanyuan Ze waved . If a little push like that could hurt him, he would be useless .

Seeing that her husband was unharmed, Lady Cai turned to glare at Lady Northern Feng .

At the end of the day, this was an upper-crust party, and everyone was as courteous as noble men and women should be . However, Lady Northern Feng had assumed such an aggressive posture, as if she was going to denounce someone for their crimes…

“Lady Northern Feng, be civil . What you’re doing is so inappropriate . ” Lady Cai found Lady Northern Feng’s behavior unacceptable .

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Lady Northern Feng was furious!

Did these people think she had no idea what the couple had done? She had already been informed on her way here!

Lady Northern Feng shoved Lady Cai!

Lady Cai was nowhere near as capable as Xuanyuan Ze, and at Lady Northern Feng’s push, she fell back .

Behind her was a row of wine shelves .

Thump —

No matter how quickly Lady Cai could dodge, she couldn’t stop herself from crashing into the wine shelves .

She fell to the ground along with broken wine bottles .

Her clothes stuck to her back, drenched with wine, and her hair dripped with the sticky liquid . She looked a mess .

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