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Chapter 1108: 1108
Chapter 1108 Is This Girl Even Human?! However, Steward Yan still raised his hand . Anyway, Feng Xun was the only one here who believed that Jun Linyuan would get angry for what happened to Feng Wu, let alone lash out at the Xuanyuan family .

Before Steward Yan could do anything to Feng Wu, she smirked, then raised her hand and grabbed Steward Yan’s palm .


Everything happened so fast, and before they knew it, Feng Wu had twisted Steward Yan’s arm!

“Ahhh —”

Steward Yan screamed like a pig being slaughtered . His shrill voice was through the roof .

Everyone looked at Feng Wu in astonishment .

This couldn’t be happening…

Steward Yan had been subdued?!

“Isn’t Feng Wu just a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster?”

“That’s right . Some appraisal master evaluated her before and said she was a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster at most!”

“But then how did she stop Steward Yan? She broke his arm with one move!”

It wasn’t just the onlookers; even Feng Xun was astonished!

No one in the Xuanyuan family and Zuo family saw that coming!

How could they not be shocked?!

“Xiao Wu, you —”

Before Feng Xun could finish his sentence, Steward Yan came back to himself and thought he had underestimated the girl .

In order not to lose face in front of his master, Steward Yan jumped up, suddenly took a dagger out of his sleeve, and slashed at Feng Wu’s throat!

It was so fast!

And it was a move aimed at killing her!

“Xiao Wu, watch out!” Blue veins popped on Feng Xun’s forehead!

But he was held down and couldn’t move at all .

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Everyone only saw a flash . The blade of the dagger glinted, and then —


The next second, Steward Yan’s dagger slashed down at his own throat!

Whoosh —

Blood gushed out of the wound .

Everyone opened their eyes wide and stared in disbelief .


“Feng Wu has…”

“Steward Yan is…”

Feng Wu’s initial outburst of strength had astonished them . Then, she cut Steward Yan’s throat with one lethal strike .

She shocked the others with both her capability and her determination!

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Xuanyuan Ying touched her throat involuntarily .

That was so terrifying…

If she had been the one trying to slap Feng Wu and had drawn a dagger on the latter… Xuanyuan Ying couldn’t begin to imagine what would happen .

“How, how dare you!”

After coming back to herself, Xuanyuan Ying stared at Feng Wu in disbelief, and the rage in her eyes was like an erupting volcano . “Feng Wu! How dare you do that?! Hey, take the murderer down!”

By then, the others had time to react, too…

“Feng Wu was so quick!”

“Is she really a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster?”

“Are you kidding me? From that outburst of her spiritual essence, she’s a Level 6 Spiritual Grandmaster at least!”

“No, she’s more than that . She can’t be less than Level 7 . ”

“Why do I feel that she’s a Level 8?”

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Everyone began to discuss it among themselves, but couldn’t reach a conclusion .

That was so…

If Feng Wu was really as capable as they guessed… the speed of her progress was unbelievable!

Everyone shook their heads, unwilling to believe it .

Over on one side, Zuo Qingyu and Zuo Qingliu exchanged alarmed looks .

That girl had risen again!

Was that girl even human?!

“We can’t let her live anymore…” Zuo Qingyu said to Zuo Qingliu in a lowered voice .

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