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Published at 19th of September 2020 03:20:09 PM
Chapter 1106
Chapter 1106 Sorry, Brother Feng Xun But… when Young Lord Feng took Feng Wu’s hand and announced in that overbearing manner that she was his sister and dared anyone who had a problem with it to say something…They swore they had butterflies in their stomachs!

However, those teenage girls weren’t the only ones here . There were also girls like Xuanyuan Ying, Zuo Qingyu, and Dugu Yamo, who thought very highly of themselves .

Zuo Qingyu pursed her lips and mumbled, “I didn’t know Feng Wu could pull that off . Feng Xun is so supportive of her . Xiao Ying, forget it . Just let it drop . Feng Xun can be very scary . ”

Xuanyuan Ying knew Feng Xun could be scary, but it was as Zuo Qingyu had said: If she backed off now, she would lose face for good .

“She’s the daughter of the Feng family . What’s her relationship with Northern Feng Mansion?” Xuanyuan Ying snorted, unconvinced .

Feng Xun stared at Xuanyuan Ying with cold, cruel eyes and smiled wickedly . “You got a problem with that?”

“Of course I do!” Xuanyuan Ying believed that she was safe in her own territory and was confident of her capability .

Moreover, according to her mother, the Xuanyuan family was going to propose a marriage contract with Lady Northern Feng, marrying her to Young Lord Feng . Needless to say, Xuanyuan Ying couldn’t agree with the idea more .

After all, Feng Xun was an excellent teenager . However, he was protecting a girl that wasn’t related to him by blood, not to mention that Xuanyuan Ying hated that girl .

For that alone, Xuanyuan Ying would never allow this to pass .

The side of a spoiled daughter took hold and she flared up . “Yes, I have a problem! Feng Xun, I’m warning you, if you still want the marriage between our families to happen, let go of her hand right now!”

What marriage?

Everyone looked dumbfounded .

Lady Cai wanted to smack her stupid daughter’s head!

The marriage proposal was still being discussed among the members of the Xuanyuan family, and Northern Feng Mansion hadn’t been informed yet . But not only had the girl revealed it in public, she even tried to threaten him with it… Lady Cai felt her head hurt .

Feng Xun was even more dumbfounded . “What marriage?”

Xuanyuan Ying smirked . “The marriage between us!”

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Feng Xun was so mad that he broke into laughter . “What marriage between us? Are you dreaming?!”

Xuanyuan Ying was astonished!

The anger sent her into tears . “Mother, Mother, he… he won’t acknowledge it!”

Feng Xun was rendered speechless .

Lady Cai didn’t know what to do . To her surprise, Xuanyuan Ying charged at Feng Wu and tried to slap the latter!

Feng Wu was lost in thought at that moment .

She was feeling very guilty toward Feng Xun .

She had only just tricked Feng Xun, and the next thing she knew, he was in front of her, as unwavering as a real brother and trying to protect her…

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Feng Wu clenched her fists . Sorry about this, Brother Feng Xun .

That was why when Xuanyuan Ying tried to slap Feng Wu, the latter didn’t react in time, for her mind had wandered off .

What happened next was quicker than words could describe!

Pushing Feng Wu behind him . Feng Xun slapped Xuanyuan Ying hard with the back of his hand!


It was loud and clear!

Almost everyone opened their eyes wide in disbelief!

He was in the Xuanyuan family’s territory!

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And Xuanyuan Ying was the favorite daughter of the family!

And they were discussing marrying her to Feng Xun —

This was such a humiliation to the Xuanyuan family!

Xuanyuan Ying wasn’t the only one dumbfounded by the slap . The rest of the Xuanyuan family all looked astonished as well!

Xuanyuan Ying broke into tears right away .

Lady Cai glared at Feng Xun . “Young Lord Feng, what do you think you’re doing?!”

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