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Published at 18th of September 2020 03:15:07 PM
Chapter 1105: 1105
Chapter 1105 A High-Handed Announcemen Lady Northern Feng was taking a walk in the garden, and when she heard the noise, she asked in surprise, “Mu the Sixth, what are you doing here? Why did your brother jump out like a monkey?”Lady Northern Feng actually seldom saw Feng Xun move that fast .

Mu the Sixth looked bewildered and said in an innocent voice, “I have no idea . I thought my brother lost interest in little Feng Wu, but when I told him that little Feng Wu was being bullied at the Xuanyuan manor…”


The next second, Lady Northern Feng grabbed Mu the Sixth by his collar and almost lifted him off the ground . “What did you just say?! Xiao Wu is being bullied at the Xuanyuan place?!”

It surprised Mu the Sixth to see the people of Northern Feng Mansion all react so extremely to what happened, and he mumbled, “Yes… those people in the Xuanyuan manor are picking on her now . ”

How dare they!

Lady Northern Feng was furious .

“They’re all saying that little Feng Wu doesn’t have an invitation and doesn’t have the right to set foot in the Xuanyuan manor,” Mu the Sixth added in a hurry when he saw that Lady Northern Feng looked like she was going to eat someone alive .


Infuriated, Lady Northern Feng smacked a stone tablet next to her .


The stone tablet broke into pieces right away!

“How dare that Xuanyuan family pick on the daughter of Northern Feng Mansion! Fine! We’ll see about that!” Lady Northern Feng rushed out in a rage .

Meanwhile at the Xuanyuan manor —

Little did Lady Cai know that two formidable members of Northern Feng Mansion were headed her way . She only smiled at Granny Tao . “They’re just kids and they bicker . Granny Tao, please don’t take it too seriously . ”

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After that, she glared at Xuanyuan Ying . “Apologize to Sister Feng Wu now!”

Xuanyuan Ying was reluctant and pursed her lips . “Sister? Who the hell does she think she is?”

Her voice was not much louder than a whisper, but was loud enough for everyone to hear .

Granny Tao flared up immediately .

She stared at Lady Cai . “Fine . Fine! Is that how the Xuanyuan family is going to treat Northern Feng Mansion? I’ll make sure that Her Ladyship hears about this! Every single word of it!”

Granny Tao was so mad that she had forgotten to use respectful address!

Lady Cai held Granny Tao’s arm immediately and smiled at the latter . “Granny Tao, I’m afraid I can’t agree with you . The Xuanyuan family has never intentionally disrespected Northern Feng Mansion in any way . ”

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No one noticed that a tall figure had rushed into the hall at that moment .

Xuanyuan Ying was still snorting . “Her? Represent Northern Feng Mansion? Who the hell does she think she is?”

“She’s my sister!”

A cold, affirmative voice rang out behind everyone!

The crowd all turned their heads involuntarily .

Feng Xun marched in through the crowd and stopped in front of Feng Wu .

He was known to the others as a lively yet rebellious teenager . But right now, he was colder than ice as he stood there!

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He looked as overbearing as Jun Linyuan, a bloodthirsty look in his eyes . His face was cold and ruthless .

Whoever he looked at lowered their heads .

Feng Wu stood on Feng Xun’s left . Reaching out with his long arm, he held Feng Wu’s right hand up and let out an intimidating sound of rage .

He announced loudly, “She’s my sister! Anyone have a problem with that? Speak up!”

What a high-handed announcement…

Many girls in the hall felt their hearts pick up speed .

Before, they had found Feng Wu pitiful for being taunted in public like this . They thought that if it were them, they would have fled the scene already .

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