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Chapter 1104
Chapter 1104 That“s Boss Jun“s Girl! Granny Tao smirked . “Lady Cai, if that’s what you think… I hope you’re powerful enough to withstand the fury of Lady Northern Feng!”Lady Cai smiled . “Granny Tao, you’re making fun of me . ”

But in fact, Lady Cai didn’t think much of what Granny Tao said .

That was because —

She thought that if Lady Northern Feng really thought highly of this goddaughter, she would have thrown a party for the event, instead of keeping it a secret .

What was more, if Lady Northern Feng really deemed this goddaughter so important, why would she stay at home and only send Granny Tao here with the girl?

Lady Cai drew her conclusion from this speculation .

She believed that even if this Feng Wu really was Lady Northern Feng’s goddaughter, she wasn’t all that important to the lady .

Meanwhile, in Northern Feng Mansion —

No one had noticed one of the teenagers, who was also at the party .

He had been at Perching Phoenix the night before . It was none other than Mu the Sixth .

After losing Miss Fengqi, Mu the Sixth’s family had hustled him here so that he could find a suitable woman at this event held by the Xuanyuan family for the younger generation . He was neither too high nor too low in social status, and got along well with the others and had been enjoying himself .

But what he hadn’t expected was to find Feng Wu here, let alone see her getting laughed at .

To Mu the Sixth, Miss Feng Wu was Brother Feng the Third’s responsibility, and he didn’t think he was superior enough to offer her any protection . Hence, he turned around and headed out!

Mu the Sixth reached Northern Feng Mansion in no time .

No Mercy Yard!

“Brother! Brother! Help!”

Feng Xun was in a foul mood at the moment .

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He had finally run into that ugly girl and had been so close to catching her, but —

He let her slip through his fingers!

Feng Xun was infuriated!

“Ahhhh —” Feng Xun was so mad that he pounded his bed with his fists . He was so mad!

That was why when Mu the Sixth ran into the yard, he saw Feng Xun roaring into empty air, which baffled Mu the Sixth .

“Brother?” Mu the Sixth bit his lower lip .

Turning around, Feng Xun saw Mu the Sixth and looked embarrassed . Clearing his throat to try and cover up his embarrassment, he glared at Mu the Sixth . “What are you doing here?!”

Mu the Sixth cringed a little .

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Brother Feng seemed to be in a bad mood and Mu the Sixth wondered if telling the latter what happened was a bad idea .

Should he just drop it? Maybe Feng Wu was nothing to his Brother Feng now . Hadn’t Feng Xun found a new target the night before?

At that thought, Mu the Sixth slowly backed away and turned to run .

Intrigued, Feng Xun yelled after him, “Stop!”

Mu the Sixth did as told right away .

“What’s that about?’ Standing up from his bed in vexation, Feng Xun stared at Mu the Sixth, displeased .

“Well… that…” Mu the Sixth scratched his head . “Brother, are you still interested in little Feng Wu?”

Feng Xun threw a dirty look at Mu the Sixth . “Shut up!”

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She was his Boss Jun’s woman; what Mu the Sixth said could get Feng Xun in trouble!

Mu the Sixth thought he knew what was going on right away, so he smiled . “Brother Feng, that Feng Wu is in a lot of trouble . The Xuanyuan family is giving her a hard time and she’s so doomed . ”


Feng Xun grabbed Mu the Sixth . “What happened?!”

Mu the Sixth was confused . He didn’t understand why his Brother Feng would look so grave and said in a hurry, “Feng Wu went to the party held by the Xuanyuan family, but Xuanyuan Ying caught her, saying that she didn’t have an invitation . It just so happened that Feng Wu couldn’t produce one, and right now, a lot of people are…”

Before Mu the Sixth could finish, Feng Xun shot out like a bolt of lightning!

“Brother! Brother Feng!”

Left behind on his own, Mu the Sixth stood there, looking baffled…

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