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Published at 17th of September 2020 03:25:16 PM
Chapter 1103: 1103
Chapter 1103 Refuse to Give In That… that was… Feng Liu recalled when Lady Northern Feng went to Feng manor before and visited Fallen Star Yard herself, declaring that she would have Feng Wu as her goddaughter . Back then, Feng Liu didn’t think it would happen, but now…

Around her, a lot of people were murmuring among themselves .

“Did all of you hear that?”

“Feng Wu is related to Northern Feng Mansion?”

“Hey, do you think she’s here on behalf of Northern Feng Mansion?”

“What do you think is her relationship with Northern Feng Mansion?”

“Is it possible that… she’s going to marry Young Lord Feng?”

“Bah! Young Lord Feng is phenomenal . That petty girl isn’t good enough for him!”

“Could she be a concubine Lady Northern Feng prepared for her husband?”

“Lady Northern Feng must have lost her mind to do that, finding her husband a new lover . ”

“So, exactly what is Feng Wu’s relationship with Northern Feng Mansion?”

They weren’t the only ones intrigued; so were Xuanyuan Ying and her friends .

“What’s your relationship with Northern Feng Mansion?” Xuanyuan Ying pointed at Feng Wu .

But, there was the sound of a crack!

A hand struck down hard . Granny Tao had smashed down on Xuanyuan Ying’s outstretched hand!

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Granny Tao had been with Lady Northern Feng for many years . She used to work in the imperial palace and had served Her Majesty the empress dowager . Everywhere she went, she was treated with respect .

Common folk might not know who Granny Tao was, but the upper class circle was well aware of her identity .

Xuanyuan Ying included .

Granny Tao used to work as a disciplinary maid in the imperial palace, and when she put on a stern face, she could look quite intimidating!

“H- How dare you hit me?!” Xuanyuan Ying glared at Granny Tao .

Granny Tao snorted . “She’s the daughter of Northern Feng Mansion, not someone you can pick on!”

Because of the unexpected quarrel, Xuanyuan Ze and Lady Cai, who had been in the hall next door, came over in a hurry .

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They arrived to find Granny Tao glowering at Xuanyuan Ying and the latter about to talk back .

Seeing this, Lady Cai was alarmed . She rushed over and grabbed Xuanyuan Ying by the arm .

Xuanyuan Ying saw her family arrive and felt even more aggrieved . Holding Lady Cai’s hand, she said, “Mum, Mum, they’re all picking on me!”

Lady Cai almost rolled her eyes at her daughter . She had already been told what happened here before she came .

Someone picked on her? Xuanyuan Ying not picking on them would be a blessing!

At that thought, Lady Cai threw a dirty look at Xuanyuan Ying . “Shut your mouth!”

“Mum… sob…” Feeling that she had been humiliated in front of her friends, Xuanyuan Ying was aggrieved .

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Granny Tao couldn’t care less about Xuanyuan Ying’s tears . Her mistress had just been mistreated, and she wouldn’t stand for it!

“Lady Cai, you’ve seen what happened . Are you going to do something about it?!”

Lady Cai tried to defuse the situation . “Granny Tao, they’re just kids and are bound to have some minor conflicts . Let’s just leave it to them; they’ll probably make up after a while . We elders might complicate things further if we get involved . Don’t you think so?”

Lady Cai was willing to show Granny Tao due respect, but Granny Tao was a maid, after all, and not Lady Northern Feng herself . Therefore, Lady Cai didn’t think she had to pay too much attention to the old maid .

Granny Tao found her words ridiculous . “So, that’s the verdict of the Xuanyuan family . You’re just going to drop it . ”

Lady Cai smiled . “It’s not a big deal anyway . Granny Tao, you really shouldn’t be bothered too much by it . There, there . Everyone, please go back to what you were doing . There’s nothing to see here . ”

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