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Chapter 1102
Chapter 1102 What“s Her Relationship with Northern Feng Mansion? “Stop!”A cold voice rang out a few steps away .

All heads turned in that direction .

The newcomers were none other than Xuanyuan Yu and his wife, whom Feng Wu met at the gate earlier .

It was Xuanyuan Yu and Lady Yu .

“Uncle? Aunt?”

Xuanyuan Ying frowned when she saw the couple .

Her second uncle and his wife were both talented cultivators whom Old Master Xuanyuan thought of highly . If it wasn’t for the fact that the couple still didn’t have any children at their age, Xuanyuan Yu might very well be the next clan chief!

Despite her displeasure, it seemed that Xuanyuan Ying still respected them . “Uncle, Aunt, this is the area for youngsters . How about the two of you leave us and I’ll…”

Xuanyuan Yu glared at Xuanyuan Ying . “If I leave it to you, the Xuanyuan clan will become a laughingstock of the imperial capital! You’re dismissed!”

What a harsh tone!

Xuanyuan Yu had always been a stern man . With that serious look in his eyes and his dark face, he looked very intimidating .

The bellow made Xuanyuan Ying burst into tears . Turning her head, she gave Xuanyuan Yi, her own brother, a pleading, aggrieved look .

Since this area was for the youngsters, Xuanyuan Yi was bound to be here . However, he had been playing the bystander from the very start, watching in silence as Feng Wu was mocked and teased .

He acted as if none of it was his business .

However, when he saw Xuanyuan Ying getting scolded by a senior, he frowned . “Uncle…”

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“You, too . Quiet!”

Xuanyuan Yu’s tone was very harsh and his gaze was sharper than a blade!

How could he not be harsh?

Miss Feng Wu here might be a neglected daughter of the Feng family, but she was Lady Northern Feng’s goddaughter and was backed by Northern Feng Mansion . That was enough for the Xuanyuan family to show her the highest respect!

Lady Yu went up to Feng Wu and took her hand with a cordial smile . “Miss Feng Wu, I’m sorry for startling you . It’s all our fault . Please forgive our rudeness . ”

She then turned to glare at Xuanyuan Ying . “Apologize to Miss Feng Wu now!”

Apologize? For what?!

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Xuanyuan Ying couldn’t stand it anymore . Grinding her teeth, she glared at Lady Yu . “Aunt, why are you on her side? She’s the one without an invitation!”

Lady Yu smirked . “How do you know she doesn’t have one?”

Xuanyuan Ying turned to glare at Steward Yan .

Steward Yan was frustrated . The last thing he wanted was to get involved in this strife, but now that things had come to this point, he had no choice . “My lady, it’s true . Miss Feng Wu doesn’t have an invitation…”

Staring at Xuanyuan Ying, Lady Yu said, “At the very least, even if she didn’t have an invitation, what you did was still inappropriate! You’re the daughter of one of the nine major clans; you should never be so reckless and unforgiving . Do you have any idea who you’ve just offended?!”

Unconvinced, Xuanyuan Ying turned her face away .

Lady Yu then had someone bring Granny Tao here .

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Hearing that her mistress had been mistreated, Granny Tao was flustered . She arrived at the scene in a hurry .

“Miss Wu —” Granny Tao took Feng Wu’s hand, still not recovered from the initial shock . “Is someone giving you a hard time? How dare they?! How dare they pick on the daughter of Northern Feng Mansion? Who was it? Show your face!”

Granny Tao represented Northern Feng Mansion, the unparalleled family among the most prominent ones!

Northern Feng General was in charge of a great army and was a formidable cultivator himself . Who would be bold enough to offend his family? The idea was unthinkable!

The mention of Northern Feng Mansion made everyone stare at Feng Wu in astonishment .

Who was this girl to Northern Feng Mansion?

Feng Liu, on the other hand, was struck with realization right away!

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