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Chapter 110: Did He Even Dare To Say One Word Now?

Old Man Ba finally realized that something's not right.

He turned everything over in his mind again. That girl, Feng Wu, must have changed her appearance and went out to swindle somebody again. Furthermore, this time, she even tricked Feng Xun……thinking about how he previously even insisted on having them meet each other, this time, it's simply……

That girl wouldn't get angry with him, right? Good heavens! Based on Feng Wu, that girl's narrow-minded character, she must be angry. Once she's angry, she wouldn't give him anymore pointers regarding pill refining techniques……holy mother!

Old Man Ba finally realized the hole that he dug for himself, dug for Feng Wu, how big a hole he'd dug just now.

And at present, inside the pill refining room, Feng Wu truly wanted to choke Old Man Ba to death!

How could he throw his teammate in a hole like that?

However, just at this time, the last trace of smoke puffed from inside the pill caudron. Feng Wu didn't have time to wait any longer as she immediately opened the pot.

Instantly, an unprecedented fragrance emerged from the pill cauldron!

What an intense spirit qi.

Seeing that white and plump Nine Reversal Spirit Pill that's like a small glutinous rice ball resting in the middle of the pill cauldron, Feng Wu's so excited that tears almost fell!

Nine Reversal Spirit Pill.

The pill that Master charged her with refining!

Gods above!

Feng Wu was excited and emotionally moved as she buried her face in her hands and allowed tears to moisten the rims of her eyes.

During these five years, the efforts she'd spent in order to gather all of the needed medicinal ingredients. In order to refine a pill beyond her abilities, she'd continually trained her pill refining techniques……everyday and everynight for the last five years, her hopes were embodied on this Nine Reversal Spirit Pill.

Looking at this whitish plump pill, a difficult to describe excitement appeared on Feng Wu's face as her fingers trembled!

Once she started to cultivate, Master……you'd be able to wake up, right? Even though the probability was next to nothing, there nevertheless was still anticipation and hope.

Right when Feng Wu was uncovering the pill cauldron, that intense spiritual qi's fragrance diffused outward——

This time, even Feng Xun could smell it!

"The Immortal Spirit Fruit's smell! That's right, it's precisely the Immortal Spirit Fruit's smell!" Feng Xun anxiously leapt up and down.

Feng Wu heard Feng Xun's voice and her heart bathumped again.

Bang bang slam, the sound of the door being kicked echoed!

At the same time, Feng Xun's flustered and exasperated voice bellowed and raved. "Open the door! Open up! Hurry and open the door for me! You ugly girl, how much longer do you think you can hide? !"

Seeing that there's no reaction from inside, Feng Xun turned his head towards Jun Lin Yuan and laughed coldly. "She must have a guilty conscience and is scared. Does she think she can hide in there her entire life? Simply ridiculous! She can hide in there for a lifetime if she has the ability!"

Old Man Ba laughed dryly. "What's going on with her and all of you?"

Feng Xun coldly laughed. "What's going on with us? Heheh, she offended us enough to die. She unexpectedly dared to pluck the hairs on a tiger's head and swindled the Immortal Spirit Fruit out of our hands! That little swindler!"

Old Man Ba. "Cough cough cough——"

This truly resembled little Feng Wu's style of doing things.

"Old Man Ba, what the hell's this girl's background? Didn't you want to tell us of her accomplishments just now? Why don't you tell us while she still hasn't come out." Feng Xun's appearance was of someone who'd grasped the winning ticket as he beamingly turned towards Old Man Ba.

Old Man Ba only felt beads of cold sweat rolling down his forehead.

Did he dare to speak? Did he even dare to say one word now? He's afraid that the girl inside already wished that she could take a sword and chop him to death, right?

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