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Published at 15th of September 2020 03:15:06 AM
Chapter 1098: 1098

Chapter 1098 A Group Attack
Feng Wu asked, “My family?”

Ning Chenxi said, “Yes . I saw Lady Wang with… Feng Liu, when I arrived, but you weren’t with them . ”

Feng Wu said, “Well, that’s true . I didn’t come here with them . ”

Standing in a not-so-remote corner, Feng Wu and Ning Chenxi chatted casually .

He was a tall, handsome boy and she was a stunning girl with an ethereal beauty . Although Feng Wu had her back to the crowd, many were still drooling over her wonderful silhouette . They couldn’t keep their eyes off her .

The truth was that this was an occasion set up for the influential families’ third generation to find potential spouses . Feng Wu turned out to be an unexpected opponent, which gave the other girls a lot of pressure .

“Who’s that?”

A pretty teenage girl in the center of the crowd was surrounded by other girls her age . She was none other than Xuanyuan Ying, the favorite granddaughter of the Xuanyuan clan and the sister of Xuanyuan Yi .

She was surrounded by quite a few people, some of whom were Feng Wu’s old acquaintances .

Such as Feng Liu, Feng Sang, Zuo Qingyu…

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The girl who asked the question was called Dugu Yamo, and she was a prominent figure herself, for she was from the Dugu clan, which was also Empress Dugu’s clan .

Hearing her question, everyone turned their heads, following her gaze .

In the secluded corner, Ning Chenxi was blushing and flustered, and one couldn’t miss the excited look on his face . His eyes were twinkling, as if he had just found the most precious treasure .

“Wait, isn’t that Ning Chenxi?” Zuo Qingyu cried out . She then nudged Feng Liu with her elbow . “Didn’t he used to like you? I heard that he swore that he would marry you and you alone?”

Girls had a thing for gossip, so right away, the others joined in, teasing Feng Liu . Dugu Yamo was especially enthusiastic . “Yes, that’s right . I heard about that, too . Feng Liu, why are the two of you still not married?”

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Feng Liu was embarrassed .

Could she tell them that Ning Chenxi had mistaken her for someone else?

Could she admit that Ning Chenxi had wanted to marry Feng Wu all along, and he had only made the silly mistake because of what she said?

Feng Liu was already an inferior member of this group, and was only able to attend this banquet because she knew Xuanyuan Ying .

Feng Liu smiled bitterly . “There was nothing between me and Ning Chenxi, ever . ”

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“Please,” snapped Zuo Qingyu, “the Ning family asked quite a few influential people to propose the marriage to the Feng clan . They almost asked for my dad’s help, and I know everything . Why is he all over another girl now?”

Dugu Yamo said, “Don’t tell me that… Ning Chenxi was stolen by another woman?”

Who more could Feng Liu say? She didn’t need to say anything and could just cover her mouth with a wry smile on her face . The others would make up the rest of the story that fitted their speculations .

As expected, seeing Feng Liu’s reaction, Zuo Qingyu was indignant . “That Ning Chenxi! He was all over you and couldn’t wait to marry you . I thought he was so sincere . He’s just like every other man!”

Dugu Yamo was ready to play the enthusiastic onlooker . Crossing her arms, she snorted and raised her eyebrow . “Feng Liu, if I were in your place, I would never stand for it . ”

The others chimed in, “Neither would I . ”

“Let’s go have a look . I’d like to see what magic she has . ”

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