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Chapter 1097: 1097
1097 Going to the Party “OMG!”Lady Northern Feng, Granny Tao, and the others all cried out in surprise .

The girl looked stunning!

Her fair skin was translucent like snow and her features were exquisite .

The light makeup gave her a more mature look . Her neck was slender and fair, the line of her shoulders was smooth, and her waist was so tiny that one could hold it with one hand . The floaty lower hem of her dress moved like water as she walked, and she was almost too dazzling to watch .


Everyone held their breaths and looked at Feng Wu with wide open eyes .

Even Lady Northern Feng was stunned .

A girl as beautiful as her would astonish everyone at the party as soon as she showed her face .

The banquet at the Xuanyuan family .

Because of the banquet, it was a boisterous scene at the Xuanyuan family house .

Guests poured into the manor in waves, and there was an uninterrupted flow of carriages and horses .

Feng Wu arrived in the Northern Feng Mansion carriage .

Northern Feng Mansion was one of the most prestigious families in the empire, so as soon as the carriage stopped outside the house, it was immediately greeted by someone from the Xuanyuan family .

The second branch of the clan was in charge of greeting guests tonight . Xuanyuan Yu and his wife, Lady Yu, were waiting at the front gate .

The couple went up to the carriage with an ingratiating smile, ready to say hello to Lady Northern Feng . To their surprise, a young but stunning woman came out of the carriage .

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And why did this young woman somehow look familiar?

Xuanyuan Yu and Lady Yu exchanged bewildered looks .

Luckily, Lady Yu recognized Granny Tao, for the latter was always by Lady Northern Feng’s side .

Granny Tao greeted Xuanyuan Yu and Lady Yu, then explained in an enthusiastic tone, “Her Ladyship isn’t feeling well today and she’s staying at home as requested by the doctor, who said that she isn’t fit enough to walk around . This is Miss Feng Wu, Her Ladyship’s newly adopted goddaughter . ”

Feng Wu was here to play the fair maiden today, so she greeted the couple with her knees bent .

“What a pretty young lady —” Feng Wu left a good first impression on Lady Yu, who found her pretty, demure, and docile . “I can tell that she’s a good girl right away . Please come in . ”

Banquets of other families were divided into male and female sections at most, but the Xuanyuan clan —

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The guests were divided into senior and junior groups .

Feng Wu was taken into the banquet hall on the left . She walked in to find an empty dance floor on the left while the area to her right was filled with oval-shaped dining tables, as well as a scattering of cushioned chairs .

It had been arranged in this way so that the guests could gather in small groups and have some fun among themselves .

Looking around, Feng Wu saw only young men and women, some of whom she already knew…

“Hm…” Feng Wu frowned . She was here for the big boss, Old Master Xuanyuan, and had no interest in these youngsters .

And from past experiences, rather than a birthday party for an old man, this was more like a venue for young people to hit on one another .

Feng Wu turned to leave the room, but —

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“Little Feng Wu, is that you?” A familiar voice rang out behind her .

Feng Wu turned around to find Ning Chenxi behind her .

“Hey, it’s you . ” Seeing a familiar face in a strange place was like running into someone from your hometown . Feng Wu couldn’t help but smile at him .

Ning Chenxi had never been looked at by Feng Wu like that before, and his fair cheeks soon turned pink .

Recalling how he had mistaken Feng Liu for Feng Wu, he looked even more abashed .

However, seeing how natural and graceful Feng Wu was, Ning Chenxi also suppressed his feelings and forced himself to calm down .

He went up to Feng Wu and smiled at her . “Why are you here alone? Didn’t your family come with you?”

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