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Published at 14th of September 2020 03:05:06 AM
Chapter 1096: 1096

Chapter 1096 When Feng Wu Comes Out —
Zuo Qingliu was behind this? Feng Wu smiled a little .

That guy was anything but decent . It seemed that she had done the right thing, putting a price on Zuo Qingliu’s head the night before .

“Hey, what’s that?” Feng Xun glanced at the invitation in Feng Wu’s hand .

“It’s for Old Master Xuanyuan’s birthday,” said Feng Wu with a smile . “He’s one of the seven bosses of Imperial College, and I can make use of this rare opportunity . ”

“Really?” Feng Xun darted a suspicious glance at his sister .

Other people had adorable, doll-like baby sisters, but he had one whose head was filled with wicked ideas . She was smart, witty and cunning, and would never resign herself to defeat .

Why did she want to visit Old Master Xuanyuan? Did she have a secret agenda or something?

At that thought, Feng Xun looked Feng Wu up and down suspiciously . Could she really have no other plans?

Feng Wu threw a dirty look at him . “Of course . What other plans can I possibly have? I’m the loveliest girl . ”

Feng Xun replied with a “heh . ”

Since when would a lovely girl skip breakfast to tell on her brother?

Feng Wu rubbed her nose . “Ahem… That was because…”

Feng Wu then threw a dirty look at Feng Xun . “That was because you were being indiscreet . Don’t you agree?”

Feng Xun smacked the table and rose to his feet . “You stinky girl…”

However, Lady Northern Feng smacked him on the head before he could finish . “How dare you talk to your sister like that?!”

Feng Xun said, “But she…”

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Lady Northern Feng smacked him again . “You’re supposed to dote on your baby sister! Is that your idea of doting on her?”

Feng Xun gave Lady Northern Feng an aggrieved look .

So, now that his mother had a daughter, he had become the forgotten son?

“Wait, the dog!” Smacking the table, Feng Xun finally remembered this important piece of information .

Feng Wu gave him a baffled look .

Feng Xun was on edge . “Didn’t I give you the dog before I left? Please don’t tell me that you’ve lost it!”

Feng Wu pointed to a corner a few steps away .

There, a big, dark brown dog with glossy fur was lying on its back, fast asleep, its belly rising and falling with its breathing .

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Feng Xun was anxious!

“How can it sleep?!” Rushing over, Feng Xun shook the dog’s head . “Dog, wake up! Dog?!”

However, no matter how hard Feng Xun shook or how loudly he roared, the dog showed no signs of waking up . Frustrated, Feng Xun turned to Feng Wu in bewilderment .

Feng Wu looked perfectly innocent . “Didn’t you tell me to cure it? How am I supposed to do that if I don’t drug it?”

Feng Xun was rendered speechless .

If Feng Xun learned the truth… Feng Wu shuddered . He must never know . He could never find out that she was the ugly girl he was looking for!

Poor Feng Xun . He had no choice but to swallow the humiliation silently under the suppression of the two women .

The Xuanyuan clan birthday celebration was in the evening, so Feng Wu and Lady Northern Feng started their preparations after afternoon tea .

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Feng Wu knew that she wasn’t there for fun, but to carry out a plan . Therefore, she wanted to keep a low profile .

But Lady Northern Feng didn’t think that way .

She believed that her stunning goddaughter didn’t get the attention she deserved, not to mention that they kept calling her Failure Wu . The lady couldn’t stand it!

Therefore, Lady Northern Feng wanted to make Feng Wu as pretty as possible .

In the end, Feng Wu had no choice but to give in to Lady Northern Feng’s efforts to dress her up . Two hours later —

Feng Wu came out of the room!

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