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Published at 13th of September 2020 03:30:06 PM
Chapter 1095: 1095
Chapter 1095 Does Everyone Know? After that, Lady Northern Feng tossed the stick aside, then stormed off into the house . Feng Xun put the dog down next to Feng Wu . “Please cure this dog for me . I still need it to find that ugly girl!”

After that, Feng Xun rushed out .

How dare these people try to slander him? They had some balls!

Feng Xun walked off in vexation, and the air around him seemed to be on fire .

He would vent the anger he had received from Lady Northern Feng on these people .

Feng Wu watched as Feng Xun left . She then looked at the dog, then stared at Feng Xun from behind with a strange look on her face .

There was a saying, “sending a sheep into a tiger’s mouth . ” Had he just sent the dog into her hands?

If Feng Xun knew that the ugly girl he was desperately trying to find was Feng Wu herself… Feng Wu shuddered at the thought . He must never know, otherwise…

Feng Xun would probably lose his mind .

“Godmother, please don’t be mad . My brother is…” Seeing how miserable she had made Feng Xun, Feng Wu decided to put in a good word for him .

However, Lady Northern Feng cut her off before she could finish .

“You don’t need to cover for him . He made this mess, he’s going to take care of it himself!” Lady Northern Feng smacked the table angrily . She then turned to Feng Wu . “Is everyone really talking about Feng Xun liking men?”

Feng Wu said, “Well…”

Lady Northern Feng rubbed her forehead . “I can’t bring myself to show my face anymore . Everyone knows about it . That’s just —

“Granny Tao, turn down all invitations this week . I’m going to stay indoors like a turtle . ”

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Granny Tao smiled bitterly . “Well, the others won’t be a problem, but the old master of the Xuanyuan family is celebrating his birthday…”

The Xuanyuan clan was one of the nine major clans, and everyone had to attend the birthday celebration event for their old master . Even Northern Feng Mansion had to acquiesce .

The Xuanyuan clan?

Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the name .

If she remembered correctly, Old Master Xuanyuan had leads on the second broken star piece!

The Feng clan was too inferior in the imperial capital to attend the Xuanyuan clan’s big event . Even if they could go, Lady Wang would never bring Feng Wu with her .

But now —

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An idea struck Feng Wu, and she took Lady Northern Feng’s hand . “Godmother, do you need me to attend for you?”

“Wait —” Lady Northern Feng’s eyes lit up .

That was right . She didn’t want to go out, but Xiao Wu could go . The news of her being Lady Northern Feng’s goddaughter had already gotten around, and all the top officials of the empire knew about it . Old Master Xuanyuan should know as well .

Elated, Lady Northern Feng had Granny Tao go and find a present in the storage room .

Just then, heavy footsteps came from outside .

Lady Northern Feng didn’t have to guess to know who it was .

It was indeed Feng Xun .

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Disgruntled, Feng Xun sat down on a stool . Feng Wu immediately poured him a cup of tea, acting all docile and obedient .

“Thank you, sister —” Feng Xun enjoyed the attention a lot, finding his sister gentle and caring .

Feng Wu thought to herself, “If you find out that I’m behind all this, you’ll probably want to throttle me again . ”

“Brother, what’s with all the crying and shouting out there?”

Seeing that Lady Northern Feng was sulking silently, but was obviously eager to hear the news, Feng Wu immediately asked the question .

The mention of that made Feng Xun’s face twist . He was furious .


Thumping his fist on the table, he said . “That bastard Zuo Qingliu! He’s holding a grudge against me for what happened with Miss Fengqi, and he cooked up this scene just to make fun of me! I’ll beat him to a pulp when I have some spare time!”

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