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Chapter 109: Oh My God! Not good!

However, as someone who mastered special service training in her previous incarnation, her mind's inner strength was very useful at the moment!

It's very fortunate that her mental fortitude was exceedingly powerful. While her body soaked in cold sweat, alarmed and quaking, Feng Wu stubbornly added the final main as well as supplementary ingredients.

Lastly, she covered the pill cauldron's lid and sealed it completely.

When the white vapors completely dispersed, a faint sweet scent continually escaped through a tiny cavity on top of the pill cauldron……

So fragrant.

A happy expression appeared in Feng Wu's pair of limpid, transparent eyes!

Based on her many years of pill refining experience, this Nine Reversal Spirit Pill was already eighty percent successful, however, it's still possible for it to rupture open at the final juncture……therefore, she still can't completely relax yet.

Outside the door, the voices in conversation continually sounded.

They're surprisingly not leaving and directly stood at the door——this just won't do.

Feng Wu's heart bathumped.

If they're not leaving, how could she come out?

Could it be that she'd need to put on a disguise?

Suddenly, Feng Wu's eyes shined!

She remembered that at one time, when Old Man Ba was refining some medicines, there was an explosion. At that time, the explosion caused Old Man Ba's entire body to be nearly burnt. His whole dark face was just like someone who rolled in black coal.

At that time, she even advised Old Man Ba to have a little backdoor opened from the pill refining room, to make it easier for him to promptly flee with his life should an accident happen……

Therefore, did Old Man Ba actually follow her advice in the end?

Feng Wu's eyes moved all over the place in an instant, as she quickly turned everything over to find……

Based on her understanding of Old Man Ba, he'd always done everything according to his heart's desires, therefore, it's most likely something rather simple and blunt, therefore……

Just at this time, standing outside, Jun Lin Yuan's eyebrows slightly puckered.

"What's up?" Feng Xun asked inquisitively.

Jun Lin Yuan knitted his brows as he glanced at Feng Xun. "You don't smell it?"

"What?" Feng Xun was puzzled.

"The Immortal Spirit Fruit's scent." Jun Lin Yuan directly spoke the answer.

"What? The Immortal Spirit Fruit's scent? !" Once Feng Xun heard these words, his entire body nearly jumped up as the volume of his voice instantly increased. "The smell of the Immortal Spirit Fruit? You smell it? Where? Where!"

Feng Xun wasn't interested in the Immortal Spirit Fruit's juice at all, however, that juice was stolen away by that ugly girl! In other words, as long as the juice was found, then there's a big possibility that Little Fifth would be found!

Feng Xun followed along the direction of Jun Lin Yuan's gaze——and noticed him knitting his brows while staring at the tightly closed door before him——

Feng Xun's trembling fingers pointed at this door in front of his eyes. "Inside? The essence fluid's scent from the Immortal Spirit Fruit came from inside, right? !"

Jun Lin Yuan creased his brows and coolly nodded.


Feng Xun directly raised his foot and kicked towards that door!

An extremely heavy foot. The kicked door issued a loud sound!

Feng Wu could hear the conversation outside. That's why, at this moment, her heart was pounding violently!

……What the hell's Jun Lin Yuan's nose made of? He could even smell like this? !

"Open up! Open up! Little Fifth, hurry up and open this door!" Feng Xun was so angry he was red in the face while blue veins pulsed on his forehead.

"Ugly girl, you f*cking hurry and open this door for me!" Feng Xun angrily exerted himself to kick at the door!

By the side, Old Man Ba was stupefied as he watched the yelling.

What's going on here?


"Have you been mistaken? That girl's not ugly." Old Man Ba watched Feng Xun in confusion. Who would say that Feng Wu's ugly? That face… ugly? Then besides Feng Wu's mother, everyone else would be ugly as if they had no eyes?

After he spoke this sentence, Old Man Ba's heart instantly bathumped!

Oh my god! Not good!

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