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Chapter 1085
Chapter 1085 Catch Her!!!

“Don’t worry . I’ve got a net charged with thunder energy in the river . She’s not going anywhere . ”

Xuan Yi darted a look at Feng Xun .

Feng Xun didn’t feel like laughing anymore . That look Xuan Yi gave him made him feel like an idiot .

“I don’t see anything . ” Xuan Yi glanced at Feng Xun .

Feng Xun said, “The thunder net can stun a person unconscious . The girl jumped in on her own, and should have been stunned by now . It’s only normal that you don’t hear anything . ”

Xuan Yi asked, “Really?”

Feng Xun said earnestly, “Yes! Yes!”

Xuan Yi rubbed his chin . “What if I told you that she’s already gotten away?”

Feng Xun looked baffled . “I begged Boss Jun to give me that net, and you know how resilient it is . It’s as precious as Immortal-Restraining Rope . How is she supposed to have gotten away?”

Xuan Yi narrowed his eyes .

But he really couldn’t sense the girl anywhere .

Feng Xun said grumpily, “If that’s the case, get her out of there already . I can’t wait to see her real face . ”

After having been tricked by the girl so many times, Feng Xun felt so satisfied at finally catching her .

The net had been laid out all over the bottom of the river . When it was gathered together, it was no bigger than an adult’s fist . However, when spread out, it could cover as large an area as one wanted!

Its greatest advantage was that it could be spread out or compressed according to the width of the river .

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Feng Xun didn’t let other people do it, but drew the net in himself .

He looked increasingly pleased as more of the net was drawn out of the water . “Ugly girl, I’d like to see what you can do once you’re in my hands!”

But soon, the smile vanished from Feng Xun’s face .

The net was out of the water and plenty of small fish were hopping around on the finger-thin threads . However —

Where was she?

The smile froze on Feng Xun’s face .

Where was she?

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“Where is she?!”

After gathering the net, Feng Xun saw that a hole big enough for a teenage girl to pass through had been opened up in the net .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi exchanged surprised looks .

Feng Xun stamped about in a frenzy . “How’s that even possible?! That’s a thunder net, and it’s as capable as Immortal-Restraining Rope! How can someone break out of it? Is she a loach or something? How can she be so slippery?!”

Xuan Yi glanced at Feng Xun, wanting to tell the latter that he had told him so . The guy just wouldn’t listen, and had missed his best chance .

“That’s not right!” Feng Xun took Xuan Yi’s hand . “The net is unbreakable and it’s charged . How did she break it?”

“That’s not the most important question now . You should really focus on finding her . ” Xuan Yi gave Feng Xun a sympathetic look .

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Back in Frozen Forest, Feng Xun had been deceived the worst, which was why Xuan Yi could understand his grudge .

Feng Xun gritted his teeth, but had to accept the truth!

He clenched his fists in frustration . “She had to have escaped by water . You lot, follow the river downstream and catch her!”

That ugly girl couldn’t stay in the water forever . When she hit the shore, she was bound to leave traces .

Feng Xun had the dog sniff the air and find the direction that the ugly girl had fled in .

But the dog only shook its head . It dove into the river, stayed for a long while at the bottom, then resurfaced and ran in the opposite direction!

“That girl!” Feng Xun snorted .

Luckily, he had the dog with him . Otherwise, the girl would have tricked him again .

Feng Xun swore that when he caught the girl, he would teach her a lesson . He would tie her up so that she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere .

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