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Published at 8th of September 2020 03:20:07 AM
Chapter 1084: 1084
Chapter 1084 Hahahaha — One look and Feng Wu narrowed her eyes dangerously!It didn’t look good . The dog was covered in glossy, fine black fur and was as tall as two meters . Its appearance was very intimidating!

It was a type of detection dog, which was highly sensitive to scents .

Feng Wu was immediately alarmed!

She was going to be discovered…

She was sure of it…

Since she was standing in the back row, Feng Wu was able to stealthily move backward when all eyes were on the front door .

She might never get a better opportunity than this one .

After backing away ten steps, Feng Wu turned to run .

The dog had made such a grand entrance that no one noticed that Feng Wu had gone . Ohly that —

Arf! Arf! Arf!

The giant dog exploded in a fit of barking!

It had been on a leash, but at that moment, it charged out, as fast as a streak of lightning .

Following the dog’s direction, Feng Xun saw the back of someone wearing a light pink dress .

He remembered that person . She was the fifth girl in the second row on stage .

He grabbed You Yue . “That person behind you, what did you tell her?!”

Frightened by Feng Xun, You Yue shivered . Even her voice trembled . “She… I didn’t tell her anything…”


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“She… she just accidently stepped on my foot, so I asked Fu Xueke what she did that for . ”

Hearing that, Feng Xun looked like he had just been slapped hard . He could almost feel the pain in his cheek!

It had to be her!

The girl knew how to change her face and she could easily pretend to be someone else, but she didn’t know the name of the girl she was impersonating…

The thought of him being so close to catching the girl just then made Feng Xun want to punch someone .

By then, Xuan Yi had dashed out like a shooting arrow .


Feng Xun roared, then charged out!

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He was cursing loudly in his head .

That girl was so smart . She was able to hide herself among the dancers, and she danced so well . She danced as well as the others and one couldn’t tell the difference .

Did she really not practice beforehand?

At the same moment, Feng Wu —

Her face had never looked this grim and dark before!

Xuan Yi was already running after her . If he was by himself, Feng Wu still had the confidence to evade him the way she had evaded Feng Xun .

However, that sharp-nosed dog was really making things impossible!

Feng Wu had studied the area when she was up on the building, and knew that there was a river just outside the east wall .

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She didn’t like the idea of jumping into a river in such a cold season, but she was out of ideas .

“Plop —”

Feng Wu jumped onto the 20-meter wall, then flew down like an eagle with its wings spread out .

Feng Xun arrived to see the person that he was chasing jump into the water . He smirked .

“Out of all the paths, you just chose the one that would lead to your doom . I got you, ugly girl!”

Standing high up on the wall and looking at the dark river, Feng Xun laughed loudly with his hands on his waist .

Yes, there was a river on this side and there were no guards .

But Feng Xun had made it that way deliberately .

It was like closing up the three sides of a square and leaving a single side open… And that side was the trap .

That was why Feng Xun laughed when he saw the ugly girl jump into the water . The dog was going to jump in after her, but Feng Xun stopped it .

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