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Published at 7th of September 2020 11:00:09 PM
Chapter 1083: 1083
Chapter 1083 Couldn“t Get Any More Dangerous

Feng Wu was a little on edge, but the more nervous she was, the calmer she looked .

No one could tell how agitated she was deep down .

Luckily —

Feng Wu had put on her makeup, mimicking the dancer she had replaced . Otherwise, she would have been found out already .

After searching the group, Feng Xun frowned .

Because he couldn’t smell the cream which the ugly girl had used to disguise herself . That was to say, that girl wasn’t wearing it at the moment .

What Feng Xun didn’t know was that with the right skills, even ordinary makeup could be used to disguise one’s face; it was just that it wouldn’t last as long .

Feng Xun didn’t see the familiar face at first glance, nor did he catch the scent . He frowned .

Could it be —

Could it be that he had been mistaken?

Was the girl not among the dancers?

Feng Xun looked at the faces again .

“Your names!” Feng Xun snorted .

The others didn’t think much of it, but Feng Wu was dumbfounded .

That was because —

She didn’t know the name of the girl she was impersonating .

And she couldn’t make up one, for everyone on stage knew the girl’s name .

What should she do?

She would be exposed .

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By then, the others were already giving out their names .

From the left to the right in the first row…

“Chang Xin, Fan Yuefeng, Zhang Danlan…”

The girls in the first row soon finished giving their names, and it was the second row’s turn . However, Feng Wu still didn’t know who she was supposed to be . Her back was already soaked with sweat under her clothes .

Feng Wu wanted to ask around to find out the girl’s name, but she couldn’t do it when Feng Xun’s attention was fixed on them .

An idea struck her when it was going to be her turn soon . She stepped on the foot of the girl in front of her!

“Yu Xueke, what did you do that for?!”

The girl in the front turned around and glared at Feng Wu .

She realized that “Yu Xueke” seemed to have a smaller face tonight, and wondered if she was seeing things .

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The girl in front of Feng Wu was called You Yue, and she was a little curious . However, with Young Lord Feng still around, she didn’t dare ask further questions . She quickly turned back around and resumed her position .

“What were you talking about?” Feng Xun stared at You Yue .

You Yue was so nervous that she stammered . “I – I… She stepped on my foot… so…”

If Feng Xun had pressed You Yue and asked her if she felt something was out of place, You Yue would’ve told him…

But he didn’t . He only stared at those in the second row .

Soon, it was Feng Wu’s turn .

Feng Wu stuck out her chest . “Yu Xueke!”

She didn’t know what the real Yu Xueke sounded like, so she deliberately made her voice husky .

Feng Wu was able to keep her cover and she felt like giving herself a thumbs up .

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Her identity had stayed hidden and Feng Wu was able to make another narrow escape .

“Brother, what’s wrong?” Mu the Sixth looked at Feng Xun in bewilderment . “Why do you look like you’re looking for a fugitive?”

Feng Xun smirked . “That’s exactly what I’m looking for . When I find her, I’ll skin her alive and drink her blood!”

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

Luckily, after another look around, Feng Xun still couldn’t find Feng Wu . In the end, he had no choice but to leave the stage .

Feng Wu heaved a sigh of relief .

If one were to look closer, they would see that Feng Wu had sweat all over her back, which had almost soaked through her clothes .

Just when Feng Wu thought she was out of the woods, there was the sound of a dog barking from the front door!

All heads turned to the door!

Those were some fierce growls!

Feng Wu stared at the dog that had just entered the door,

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