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Chapter 108: Filled With Trepidation In The Face Of Disaster During Every Minute, Every Second

"The truth."

"That's it, then." Old Man Ba continued. "This old man swore before that I absolutely won't take another step away from Northern Territory City in this lifetime. Therefore, I can't return to the capital along with you. However, that girl in there can."

"That girl?" Jun Lin Yuan barely noticeably raised his eyebrows.

Old Man Ba complacently raised his chin. "That girl is exceedingly formidable, her set of pill refining techniques……it's not that I, Old Man Ba, am boasting, but that girl's pill refining techniques are in no way inferior to mine, so much so, that she can be my teacher."

Jun Lin Yuan clearly didn't believe it. "Really?"

Old Man Ba became anxious. "How can you not believe this? That girl's pill refining techniques, when compared to the entire Martial Lord Empire, can still be said to be unequalled! In any case, the most incredible pill refining master that I've ever seen in this old life is her."

Feng Xun laughed coldly. "Old Man Ba, do you even believe what you're saying?"

"It's the truth!" Old Man Ba became a bit worried now, as he grabbed his old butler and stared at him with eyes wide. "I'm not lying, right? That girl's pill refining techniques are even more formidable than mine, right? Previously, her pointers were actually needed in order to intensify the medicine's effectiveness, you know? You guys unexpectedly don't believe——"

The old butler smiled bitterly as he nodded. "It's indeed this way."

Feng Xun smiled coldly. "I really can't believe it. Is there actually such a formidable character concealed within Northern Territory City? That we, surprisingly don't know about? And it's even just a girl? Who is it, after all? I'm actually curious to know."

Inside the room, Feng Wu's heart already rose to her throat!

Heaven knows what she's refining was the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill. The degree of difficulty was tremendous, something that Feng Wu had never encountered before……she was refining an exceedingly high leveled pill, and unexpectedly was even doing it while enduring this hammering mental pressure……there's simply no way to make it through this day.

Old Man Ba was originally going to blurt out Feng Wu's name, however, thinking of how Jun Lin Yuan, Feng Xun and the rest were previously disbelieving, he suddenly became arrogant.
"You're curious?" Old Man Ba asked.

"Tell us." Feng Xun shot a glance at him.

"Ha ha ha. Are all of you curious? Since you're all curious, then I'll not tell you instead. If you have the ability, then go ahead and guess." Old Man Ba was joyfully satisfied. "That girl's pill refining techniques have certainly reached the sage level. As long as you can invite her to the capital, the person that you wanted to save will absolutely receive the cure for the illness."

The level of a pill refining master are from a junior pill refining master to a midlevel pill refining master, then to advanced pill refining master, to grandmaster pill refining master, to an ancestor level pill refining master, then to the sage level pill refining master……Old Man Ba's pill refining techniques were enough to open a sect and set up a school. Therefore, he already reached the ancestor level, however……

What did they hear just now? Even Jun Lin Yuan was slightly emotionally moved. "Sage level pill refining master?"

"Absolutely!" Old Man Ba nodded seriously. "At present, she's like a dragon trapped in the shoals. How can this tiny Northern Territory City trap her forever? Only a vast sky like the imperial capital can fully put the full scope of her abilities to use."

In all honesty, Old Man Ba was truly planning on Feng Wu's behalf.

Within this Martial Lord Empire, when talking about a powerful backer, if the emperor was considered the most powerful, then Jun Lin Yuan currently was absolutely the second best and the future's most powerful backer……how thick and solid was this big thigh (to lean on). Hugging it, Feng Wu wouldn't need to worry about the second half of her lifetime.

That's why, he prepared to introduce Feng Wu to Jun Lin Yuan. Once she saved the person that Jun Lin Yuan wanted to save, she could make use of Jun Lin Yuan's gratitude for a lifetime!

However, Old Man Ba wholly didn't expect that the grudges between Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan were so complicated……

Feng Wu heard the conversation that was constantly being transmitted and her heart filled with trepidation in the face of disaster during every minute, every second.

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