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Published at 2nd of September 2020 12:15:22 PM
Chapter 1070
Chapter 1070 The Girl From Frozen Forest 2 The number on the page read: One million top-grade spiritual stones!You’ve got to be kidding me!

Feng Wu had thought that the 100,000 top-grade spiritual stones on her head was expensive enough, but why did Zuo Qingluan cost a million?!

That was ten times what Feng Wu herself cost!

“Isn’t she a Spiritual Elder? Why is she so expensive?! I don’t agree!” Feng Wu shouted at the man inside .

The mysterious man probably hadn’t heard a protest like this before, and was noticeably taken aback .

But he came back to himself soon enough .

Taking the paper back, he began to write .

Soon, he listed the calculation process .

Feng Wu saw the list and almost jumped to her feet .

“Jun Linyuan’s probable fiancee: 50% increase on the fee .

“True Phoenix Blood: 50% increase on the fee .

“The final pupil of the master of Firmament Palace: 50% increase on the fee . ”

Feng Wu felt like vomiting blood .

So, Zuo Qingluan was ten times more expensive because of all those things? Damn it!

Feng Wu clenched her fists . “I can’t afford that!”

The man inside didn’t show any reaction to Feng Wu’s words .

Feng Wu asked, “I still have another chance, right?”

Another form was handed out .

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Feng Wu nibbed on the end of the pen . She only had three chances, and she had wasted the first two . She had to make this one work .

Which of the Zuo family members should she kill?

Feng Wu began to run down the Zuo family tree in her head .

Forget about Old Master Zuo . Killing him would cost a fortune . Even if she could afford it, the Flying Guillotine probably wouldn’t have an assassin capable enough to kill him .

She couldn’t afford the price to kill Zuo Ming .

Zuo He was dead .

She should probably forget about the other members of that generation .

Moving down the family tree, her best choice was probably one of Zuo Qingluan’s siblings .

Feng Wu ran through her memory and recalled that Zuo Qingluan had a younger sister, Zuo Qingyu, who seemed rather annoying .

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Zuo Qingluan also had two older brothers and two younger ones… Zuo Ming was very virile .

Feng Wu recalled that Zuo Qingluan’s second older brother was Zuo Qingliu, and he had been there when Zuo Qingluan destroyed her True Phoenix Blood .

Feng Wu still vividly remembered his malicious smirk .

It was never too late to take revenge . Zuo Qingliu it was, then .

Feng Wu wrote down Zuo Qingliu’s name .

There came the clacking sound of the abacus again, and shortly afterward, Feng Wu was given back the piece of paper .

Feng Wu was relieved when she saw the content!

Finally, the price wasn’t exorbitant this time .

Of course, while it wasn’t as expensive compared with the price before, it was still very high .

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Zuo Qingliu was a mere Spiritual Grandmaster . He didn’t hold any important position, nor was he the favorite child of the family . Moreover, he visited brothels all the time, which made him a very easy target .

Hence, he had the same price as Feng Wu: 100,000 top-grade spiritual stones .

Feng Wu snorted inwardly, wondering if the contract on her had “easy target” written on it as well .

After handing the form back, Feng Wu asked, “Can I pay with spiritual medicine?”

“Yes . ”

Hence, Feng Wu started to take medicinal pills out .

Feng Wu didn’t have much money, but she had medicinal pills, for she was an extraordinary medicine refiner .

Her master had set a rule forbidding her from selling her pills for money . To this day, Feng Wu still couldn’t understand why .

But she wasn’t selling them now, but using them as currency . That wasn’t against the rule, right?

“Shall I pay a deposit now?”

“The full amount . ” The person inside sounded baffled . He then added in a quiet voice, “There will be three attempts . You’ll be paid back in full if the target isn’t killed after that . ”

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