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Chapter 107: She's Precisely the Person You're Looking For

It's truly going to be completely ruined!

Feng Wu's heart was going to jump out of her throat!

Knock knock knock ——

Knock knock knock ——

Sounds of knocking endlessly transmitted from outside, along with Feng Xun's voice urging. "What're you doing in there? Why's the door not opening? Can it be that you're refining a pill?"

Old Man Ba stroked the white beard under his chin. "That's can't be right. When I left previously, I didn't see her refining a pill. What's going on with this girl? Nothing happened to her, right?"

Feng Xun spoke displeasingly. "Senior Ba, since this girl is not opening the door, just forget it. We also don't want to see her at all. We're just going to leave, then."

At this moment!

Inside the room, Feng Wu's heart was moved! The hand that was holding the bottle of essence fluid trembled!

[That's right, that's right, hurry and go, leave without delay! Leave quickly……] Feng Wu was so moved she could cry.

However, Old Man Ba apparently was set on opposing Feng Wu as he glared at Feng Xun unhappily. "Was she meant to be introduced to you? Wasn't it my intention to introduce that girl to Crown Prince Jun?"

Inside the room, Feng Wu was going to cry……introduce her to Jun Lin Yuan? Was he afraid that she wouldn't die quickly enough?

Crown Prince Jun knit his brows as he spoke two words aloofly and apathetically. "Not interested."

Inside the room, Feng Wu nodded frantically. It's so wonderful of Jun Lin Yuan to say that. She'd never felt Jun Lin Yuan to be so adorable before!

However, Old Man Ba just smiled. "I haven't introduced her yet, so it's natural that you guys are not interested. Wait until after you guys meet each other and I'll tell you her achievements. You will definitely be interested."

Feng Wu. "……"

Right at this time, white vapors suddenly puffed out from the pill cauldron!

White smoke rocketed!

Aah! Not good! Feng Wu cried out in alarm as panic appeared in her eyes!

Just now, her mind wandered, to the extent that a mistake had appeared in the pill refining process. During the time that there's some problems with her control, the white vapors were produced.

Feng Wu took a deep breath and forcibly commanded herself to calm down. After she closed her eyes and opened them again, Feng Wu's eyes already became clear and cool, as if they'd been washed by fresh water, limpid and transparently clear.

She raised her wrist and the Immortal Spirit Fruit's juice was added to the pill cauldron drop by drop.

Noises still continued to be transmitted unceasingly from outside.

Jun Lin Yuan took a step and was going to leave, but Old Man Ba said. "You should know that she's precisely the person you're looking for."


Feng Wu's hand trembled, she nearly dropped the entire white jade bottle into the pill cauldron!

Her heart was practically jumping out of her throat!

She'd never known that there'd be a time in her life when she, Feng Wu, could actually be so nervous!

Luckily, she reacted quickly. Right at the split second before the white jade bottle were to fall in, she grabbed it!

God……cold sweat dripped from Feng Wu's forehead.

If this white jade bottle had fallen in and chemically reacted with the concoction that's already refined……the medical concoction in the entire cauldron would be entirely ruined at this final juncture!

Old Man Ba truly nearly dug a hole for her to die in……

However, what in the world did Old Man Ba's words mean? Feng Wu didn't feel at all that he knew of the relationship between Feng Wu and Little Fifth ……

As expected, Jun Lin Yuan's eyebrows creased slightly, as he redirected his eyes towards Old Man Ba. "What do you mean?"

Old Man Ba was completely confused. "Crown Prince Jun travelled thousands of miles to Northern Territory City in order to find me. Isn't it so that you could seek medical expertise? Can it be that the things you just said are not true?"

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